Who are you?

We are the Niagara (Ontario, Canada) edition of the Red Box - D&D sandbox groups devoted to classic fantasy gaming (see friends).

What do you do?

We buckle our swordbelts and march headlong into a total party kill adventure - by playing classic Dungeons and Dragons. Our current campaign is set in a cold, frontier region of the Known Realm called The Northern Reaches. This setting builds on the low-magic, low-fantasy atmosphere of early swords and sorcery fiction.

What do you play?


We play Basic/Expert (or B/X) Dungeons and Dragons. This edition, published in 1981 and edited by Tom Moldvay, has long been acknowledged as one of the most lethal best editions of D&D for teaching new players.

These rules were recently reprinted as Labyrinth Lord (with close compatibility) and we use these rulebooks interchangeably. See the references section for copies.

As you can see from our session summaries we enjoy using miniatures in our games and play with a number of house rules.

Where do you play?

We play at the DM's house (kiltedyaksman) in Niagara largely because he has the room and a super cool Hirst Arts dungeon!

Can I play?

Hell yeah! Of course you can play. It doesn't matter whether you have experience or not. We are willing to teach you.

We always need new meatshields adventurers to stand in front of our PCs with the 10' pole :)

Just grab your broadsword, polyhedrons, and get in touch with the DM at kilted dot yaksman at or near yahoo dot ca.

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