Arnd Cobblestone

Level 2 Dwarven Cleric (Deceased)

Player NPC
Character Arnd Cobblestone
Class Clangeddin
Level 3
Title Friar
Alignment Lawful
Deity TBD
Languages Common, Ancient Common, Dwarven
Special Turn Undead
STR 13
INT 12
WIS 14
DEX 10
CON 16
HP 23
AC 2
XP 3200
GP 2000

Equipment: Hammer (2), Shield, Platemail. Magical Chainmail (?), Magical Sling (?)
Scroll: Cure Lightx2, Protection from Evil, Spiritual Armourx2

Arnd was found in the bottom of a pit in Barrowmaze (Session 31). He joined the party in thanks for his rescue.

Arnd died from Crabs (spiders) in Session 38 when he was attcked from above and rolled a critical fail for his save.

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