Requirements: Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Intelligence 12
Prime Requisite: None
Hit Dice: 1d6
Starting GP: 20-120 (2d6x10)

There are no known assassins in the Northern Reaches…and they prefer it that way.

Guild: Must be a member of a thief’s or assassin’s guild
Money and Dues: Must pay 10% of all earnings to the guild
Weapons and Armour: Thieves may wear leather armor and studded leather, they may use shields. Assassin’s may use any weapon.
Backstab: Assassin’s may backstab like a thief. The assassin must catch his opponent unaware using his move silently and hide in shadows ability. Under these conditions the thief may attack at +4 and multiply all damage by 2.
Assassination: Assassin’s may also roll to instantly kill a backstab victim (see AEC 10)
3rd Level: Assassin’s may use a thief’s special abilities including Pick Locks, Find Traps, Pick Pockets, Move Silently, Climb Walls, Hide in Shadows, and Hear Noise.
Law: Assassin’s may not be lawful in alignment
Henchmen: Assassin’s may only hire henchmen at 4th level and they must be assassins.
Additional Languages: An assassin with 16 intelligence may learn an additional alignment language (see house-rules). An assassin with 18 intelligence may know all three alignment languages.
Disguise: See AEC 10 / •Poison Use: See AEC 10-11.

Experience Points Character Level Level Title To Hit Bonus Hit Dice(d6)
0 1 Throat-Cutter +0 1
1,501 2 Garotteur +0 2
3,001 3 Murderer +0 3
6,001 4 Backbiter +1 4
12,001 5 Master Throat-Cutter +1 5
24,001 6 Silent Killer +2 6
48,001 7 Death Dealer +2 7
96,001 8 Assassin +2 8
192,001 9 Guildmaster +3 9

Races: Human, Half-Orc, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf
Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Assassin, Thief, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Magic-User, Illusionist


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