Athelstan the Apostle

Level 1 Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Greg)

Player Greg
Character Athelstan
Class Cleric
Level 1
Title Acolyte
Alignment Law
Languages Common, Ancient Common
Special Turn Undead, Spells
STR 13
INT 10
WIS 15
DEX 18
CON 13
CHA 10
HP 9
AC 1
XP 0
GP 15gps

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 202 lbs
Appearance: Brown, tonsured hair. Brown cleric's habit.
Languages: Common and Ancient Common

Weapons: Mace, Hammer, Sling and 20 Stones
Armour: Chainmail, Shield, and Dex

Backpack: Caltrops (x2), Torches (2), Flint and steel, Waterskin, Rope 50', Holy Symbol, 4 flasks oil, Holy Water, Quill/Scroll/Ink, Chalk, Small Sacks (4).

Background: A former farmboy, Athelstan learned the ways of St. Ygg at his local parish. He then set off into the world to spread The Good Word and rid the Northern Reaches of eeeevil.

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