Level 3 Human Cleric of St. Ygg

Player Brandon
Character Balifar the Unexpected
Class Cleric
Level 3
Title Friar
Alignment Good
Deity St. Ygg
Languages Common, Ancient Common
Special Turn Undead
STR 16
WIS 15
CHA 13
HP 19
AC 2
XP 5978
GP 1650

Balifar was part of an ill-fated expedition to Barrowmaze, the sole survivor of his party. With skeletons in hot pursuit he ran through the tunnels screaming praying to St. Ygg. Whether it was divine intervention or pure chance, a group of adventurers heard his screams from the tunnels below and lifted him to safety. After downing numerous skins of wine, he collected his wits and accepted their offer to join the party. His dramatic entrance earning him the nickname Balifar the Unexpected.

A rather plump man, Balifar is gifted with tree trunk arms, a short beard and a weakness for wine and venison. Until recently he's been forced to live day-to-day, begging for donations to the church of St. Ygg (most of which go to his meal and drink). Having worn out the generousity of the good people of Threshold, Balifar sought his fortune in Barrowmaze.

Inventory: Plate Mail, Shield, Open-Faced Leather Helm, 2 Hammers, Ring of Protection, 4 Large sacks, 5 Torches, 4 Oil Flasks, 2 Holy Water Flasks Flint/Steel, 10' Pole, 50' Rope, Waterskin, Rations, Mirror, Crowbar, Sledge hammer, Spikes (8), Shovel.

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