Basic Elf

Requirements: Intelligence 9
Prime Requisite: Strength and Intelligence
Hit Dice: 1d6

Darkvision: 60 Feet
Detect Secret Doors: When actively searching elves may detect hidden and secret doors on a roll of 1-2 on 1d6. When elves pass near a secret door they receive a 1in 6 chance to automatically detect a secret door do to their keen eyesight.
Casting and Armour: Elves must be unarmoured or in magical armour to cast spells.
Racial Weapon: Elves receive a bonus of +1 to hit with the longbow.
Two Handed Weapons: Elves cannot use the two-handed sword.
Immunity: Elves are immune to ghoul paralysis
Sleep/Charm spells: Elves are 90% resistant to sleep and charm spells
Languages: Elves may select gnoll, hobgoblin, and orc as additional languages if their intelligence bonus allows.
•See House Rules for starting age, height, and weight.

Experience Points Character Level Level Title To Hit Bonus Hit Dice (d6)
0 1 Elf Swordsman +0 1
4,065 2 Elf Freebooter +0 2
8,125 3 Elf Sellsword +0 3
16,251 4 Elf Warrior +1 4
32,501 5 Elf Swordmaster +2 5
65,001 6 Elf Weaponmaster +3 6
130,001 7 Elf Myrmidon +4 7
200,001 8 Elf Champion +5 8
400,001 9 Warlord +6 9
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