Basic Gameplay House Rules

We use the Labyrinth Lord (Moldvay Basic) ruleset with the following additions and modification. Anything written here trumps the LL text:

Classes: Basic Fighter, Basic Thief, Basic Cleric, Basic Magic-User, Basic Halfling, Basic Elf, Basic Dwarf

Character Generation:

1. Roll 3d6 seven times, discard the lowest, and arrange to taste.

2. Select your class. Full hit points plus Constitution adjustment at first level.

2. Use 3d6x10 for starting gold pieces (for all classes).

3. Use the equipment, weapons, and armour table and prices from equipment.

General Houserules:

1. The difficulty of the cleric undead turning table will be increased by one.

2. 1pp = 5gp.

3. A saving throw versus Magic is allowed (for monsters and players) against the spell Sleep.

4. The same spell cannot be memorized more than once, exceptions include the use of magic items for this purpose and clerical spontaneous casting.

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