Durek Thunderheart

Level 1 Dwarf

Player Rob D.
Character Durek Thunderheart
Class Cleric
Race Dwarf
Level 1
Alignment Good
Languages Ancient Common, Dwarven
Special +2 Save vs Breath, +3 Save vs Wands, +4 Save vs Poison, Petrification, Paralysis, Spells and Spell Like Devices.
STR 11
WIS 13
DEX 12
CON 13
CHA 11
HP 9
AC 4
Advancement :1565/+5%
XP 0
GP 16 gold, 7 Silver

Chain Mail, Shield, Sling, 20 Bullets, Hammer, Quarter Staff, Backpack,1 Sm. Sack, Water skin, Bag of Caltrops, Holy Symbol, Holy Water, Chalk, (7) Rations, Bed Roll.

Man At Arm:
Torch Barer:

Short History: Durek and his 3 cousins (to be named later) have decided to venture forth and make a name for their small clan. We 4 are all related through my mother side of the family, family ties are strong. Durek keeps them all in line, and when the battle comes to the blade there is not a more fearsome foursome. We will work with any group of adventurers (even Elves because they serve some use we have been told) but loot is split fairly, and if there is any unfair handling of loot then you will be put before Klahngeddins mercies. I haven't seen much in the way of mercy though. As to healing: family first unless your worse. Goblins beware!

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