Bungle the Barely-Known

Level 1 Halfling Fighter (Deceased)

Player Dan II
Character Bungle
Class Fighter
Level 1
Title Swordsman
Languages Common, Halfling
Special Cleave, Halfling traits
Fear Factor 3
INT 10
WIS 12
DEX 13
CON 10
CHA 14
HP 10
AC 3
XP 513
GP 404

Dagger +1, Dagger (x6), Silver Dagger (x3), Sling, Chain Mail, Shield, Traveling Cloak
Sack (x8), Backpack, Torch (x7), Oil Flask (x8), Water Skin (x2), Rations (x10), Flint/Steel, 50' Rope, Shovel, Crowbar, Mirror (x2), Caltrops, Holy water, Chalk, Glitter Night Dust, Shrunken Head

Bungle grew up in the small Halfling village of Blunderbugger where "well adjusted" Halflings dismissed adventuring as silly tales that the big folk tell. Bungle hated farm work and had always been fascinated by the tales of dragons and treasures that lay awaiting a brave adventurer and left his home town behind to try and strike it rich so he'd never have to see another field plow again. Sadly his diminutive halfling strength did not make him a very good in martial combat, but he learned that with a few nice words and a bit of coin he could convince the big folk to do all kinds of things that he'd rather not do. Also, if they should perish in the task, you can find your refund in their coin purse!

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