Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)


Caldwell was born in the town of Barrowcrest to an impoverished family of farmers who make their living growing turnips on the boarder of town. Having decided that turnip growing wasn't exciting enough, he decided to offer his services as a man-at-arms to adventurers he heard of in the local Taverns. It was in Session 27 he met Sol who beguiled him with tales of treasures laying in wait in the depths of the Barrowmaze. Sol turned out to be a terrible person to work for as he forced Caldwell into leading the party with the 10' pole and often referred to Caldwell as "trap bait" or "you, the expendable one". Under Sol's leadership, Caldwell was wounded many times and was even forced to sift through Stirge dung for gems. Sol did however give Caldwell a full plate mail armor set under the agreement that he should not lose the valuable armour "or else!". Eventually the stress, danger, and fear of undead perils got the better of Caldwell and he fled after witnessing another man-at-arms fall in combat. When he reached town, Caldwell pawned the armor for pouch of gold and spent a week hiding in a brothel until Sol finally found him penniless and naked. Caldwell lied and said he lost the plate mail on his panicked journey back to town, but was "convinced" to rejoin the party. Since the loss of the expensive plate mail, Sol's disposition towards Caldwell hasn't improved and Caldwell has found himself once again in the front rank but now he doesn't have that fantastic armor to protect him from the dangerous creatures of the Barrowmaze. In Session 32 Caldwell accidentally killed Norda, another hireling who was in the service of Abraxas. Since then he's stopped trying to aim at anything when he shoots his short bow and hasn't scored a single hit since this tragic incident.

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Caldwell met his end in session 33 when the party encountered Sapphire Skeletons within 60 seconds of entering the Barrowmaze. Caldwell died in the second round of combat when a skeleton with a spear skewered him from their back row. Sol unceremoniously stood on his corpse to get into the fray during this hectic battle on a staircase. Caldwell's corpse was stored in the room above said stairs and collected on the way back to town later on. He was given a funeral pyre and will be missed.

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