Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Hit Dice: 1d8
Starting GP: 30-180 (3d6x10)

Clerics are the priests in the Northern Reaches. Chruches, and temples, and shrines to the various gods dot the region. Clerics are adept as second-line fighters and serve as healers. Clerics are taught the language of Ancient Common, through which they can call upon the holy might of their deity.

Deity: Must select a deity (see house-rules)
Language: clerics begin play knowing Ancient Common
Weapons and Armour: May use any armor and blunt weapons only.
Turn Undead: May turn undead. A cleric may continue to turn in an encounter until he fails.
Turning: For every turn attempt per day after the first the player adds +1 to the difficulty number on the Turning Undead Table.
Spontaneous Casting: Clerics can spontaneously cast any spell for a healing spell of the same level.
Spell Double Dipping: Clerics may not memorize the same spell twice in one day (without a magical item).
Scrolls: Clerics may write their own spell scrolls at a cost of 250gp per level of the spell. The writing time is one week per spell level. Up to three spells can be written on a scroll.
Bonus Spells: All clerical spell casters with 15+ in Wisdom get one additional first level spell per day, and when reached, one second level spell per day.

Incantation for Turning Undead:

"In the name of [deity’s name in ancient common], I banish you unholy abominations!"

Experience Points Character Level Level Title To Hit Bonus Hit Dice (d8) Spells L1 Spells L2 Spells L3 Spells L4 Spells L5
0 1 Acolyte +0 1 1 - - - -
1,565 2 Devotee +0 2 2 - - - -
3,125 3 Friar +0 3 2 1 - - -
6,251 4 Zealot +1 4 3 2 - - -
12,501 5 Priest +1 5 3 2 1 - -
25,001 6 Crusader +2 6 3 3 2 - -
50,001 7 Templar +2 7 4 3 2 1 -
100,001 8 Ecclesiarch +2 8 4 3 3 2 -
200,001 9 High Priest +3 9 4 4 3 2 1
Spell Incantations
1st Level Cleric Spells Invocation in Ancient Common 2nd Level Cleric Spells Invocation in Ancient Common
Cure light wounds [Deity Name] Sanat Sanare Bless [Deity Name] Bona Beatus
Detect Evil [Deity Name] Utor Malorum Find Traps [Deity Name] Reperium Laqueus
Detect Magic [Deity Name] Utor Magisum Know Alignment [Deity Name] Teneo procuratus
Light [Deity Name] Luscerum Hold Person [Deity Name] Alio Habitum
Protection from Evil [Deity Name] Munus Malorum Resist Fire [Deity Name] Reluctor Incendia
Purify Food and Drink [Deity Name] Lustro Alimentum Silence 15' [Deity Name] Silentium Orbis
Remove Fear [Deity Name] Dirus Abroditum Snake Charm [Deity Name] Lepor Lepos
Resist Cold [Deity Name] Adversor Frigitum Speak with Animals [Deity Name] Bestia Narro

Races: Human, Half-Orc, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf
Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Assassin, Thief, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Magic-User, Illusionist


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