Level 5 Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Deceased)

Player Alex
Character Cromwell
Class Cleric
Level 5
Title Priest
Alignment Lawful
Deity St. Ygg
Languages Common, Ancient Common, Black Tongue
Special Turn Undead
STR 13
INT 15
WIS 16
CHA 12
HP 27
AC 2
XP 16,147
GP 324

Cromwell lived the humble life of a simple cleric, praying, eating and drinking around the regions of Threshold and Barrowcrest. It was one fateful afternoon that he heard the shouting of a town crier, beseeching adventurers to venture out in the barrowmoors to find treasure and glory. Normally Cromwell would ignore such advertisements but it was said a fellow cleric of St. Ygg was amongst them. True to his calling as a servant of Ygg, he accepted the summons and set out with his new companions so that he may assist his fellow brethren.

While in Barrowmaze, The party stumbled across a group of brigands. A young ranger named Locke saw this as an opportunity to make it big and led an assault on them. It was during this assault that Locke sacrificed his life to secure the horde and protect his allies. Whether his sacrifice was motivated out of greed or altruism matters not to Cromwell. From that day forward, Cromwell has decided to stick with his group of newly found companions in honor of his fallen ally. Cromwell uses a heavy lock attached to a large chain as a flail, in honor of Locke the ranger. It was later determined that the "brigands" were actually a party led by Krothos Ironguard, a nobleman. This led to a slippery slope of lies, bribery and intrigue for "The Three".

Due to heinous lies perpetrated by "The Three" which includes Cromwell, Balifar and Kelg, Cromwell was stripped of a portion of his divine abilities. Cromwell, after days of being torn and confused (such was his surprise as he perpetrated lies mainly for the good of kelg who was about to be viciously ripped apart by a mob), sought redemption. Cromwell now undertakes a quest to pay reparations in the sum of 3000 gold to Lord Ironguard, finish constructing his chapel to St. Ygg, and do so while undertaking a vow of poverty (as a monk or paladin would). It appears the road to redemption is fraught with peril and hardship.

Having confessed and payed a portion of the reparations to Lord Ironguard, Cromwell has reestablished his divine link with his deity. His recent hardships and undertakings have only strengthened his faith in St. Ygg and he strives to serve him with total devotion.

In Session 34, Cromwell finally gathered enough loot to complete his reparations to Lord Ironguard. He now puts his effort towards building a temple to St. Ygg.

Equipment: The Wrath of Ygg, Hammer, Sling, Shield +1, Platemail, 4 large sacks, flint/steel, waterskin, rations, mirror, crowbar, sledge, spikes (7), shovel, 2 holy water, wooden holy symbol, Cloak of Protection +1, unknown holy symbol, Magic Potion, Magic Glasses, Clerical Scroll (Prot. from Evil, Spiritual Armor), The Fount of Law, 2 runic tablets: Spiritual Hammer, Scroll: Red, Black, Purple (Elven).

The temple fund: 1080 GP

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