Arcus the Autistic: Level 1 Human Magic-User (Deceased)

Bungle the Barely-Known: Level 1 Halfling Fighter (Deceased)

Cromwell: Level 5 Human Cleric of St. Ygg (Deceased)

Crow: Level 1 Elven Fighter (Deceased)

Davvyr: A short-lived, crap shoveling barbarian (Deceased)

Drambuin Hillsmith: Level 1 Dwarven Fighter (Deceased)

Finnigan Ramshackle the Dwarven Swordsman: Level 1 Dwarven Fighter (Deceased)

Gloin: Placeholder

Grewl Hamfist: Level 1 Dwarf

Grimwald Gorehelm: Level 1 Half-Orc Fighter (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

Grubnar: Level 1 Half-orc fighter (Deceased)

Grundle: Level 1 Human Fighter.

Janis Half-Elven: Level 2 Half-Elf Fighter (Deceased)

Karnak: Level 1 Dwarf

"Killer" Kelg Barrelgut: Level 5 Dwarven Fighter (Deceased)

Kreel: Level 1 Human Fighter (Deceased)

Locke: Level 1 Half-Elf Ranger (Deceased)

Marrick the Channeller: Level 1 Human Magic-User (Deceased)

Mazakala: Level 2 Human Magic-User (Deceased)

Milren The Vigilant: Level 2 Human Druid (Deceased)

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Alson: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Ardoon: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Arix: Human man at arms (Tymor/Deceased)

Baldra: Human Female Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Balson: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Bargle: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Burton: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Caldwell: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Darmar: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Drovay: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Garric: Human man-at-arms (Janis/Deceased)

Gilag Greathelm: Dwarven Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Gilthanus: Elven Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Grubb II: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Hamish: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Hawk the Slayer: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Mulig: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Mulloc: Human man at arms (Deceased)

Mulm: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Narsal: Elven Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

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Alwin: Human Torch-Bearer/Porter (Deceased)

Arik: Human Torchbearer (Deceased)

Baltag: Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Gomar the Gozarian: Human Torch-Bearer/Porter (Deceased)

Grubb: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Henx: Human Man-at-Arms (Deceased)

Kiltag: Human Torch-bearer (Deceased)

Margrim: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Mungo: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Pelwin: Human Torch-Bearer (Believed Dead)

Untag: Human Torch-Bearer (Deceased)

Wargash: Human Torch-Bearer (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

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