Drambuin Hillsmith

Level 1 Dwarven Fighter (Deceased)

Player Greg
Character Drambuin
Class Fighter
Level 1
Title Axeman
Alignment Neutral
Languages Partial read/write dwarven
Special Cleave, Dwarf Traits
STR 13
WIS 11
CON 16
CHA 11
HP 12
AC 5
XP 1668
GP 817

Chainmail, handaxe, hammer, sling, backpack, 4 large sacks, 6 torches, 2 oil flasks, flint and steel, 10' pole, 50' rope, waterskin, rations (7), mirror, crowbar

Drambuin Hillsmith was born and raised in Threshold. Unlike many of the dwarves in the region, Drambuin has no experience of past dwarven glory nor has he traversed the great halls of his people deep in the mountains. He hopes, one day, to join an expedition to retake the mines that once belonged to the dwarves prior to the arrival of the Dragon Army. In the meantime, he keeps his axe sharp and his coin-purse full. Drambuin is friends with Grimwald Gorehelm and Zozimus. He admires both for their faith and sense of duty.

Drambuin often works with the henchman Iressa

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