Requirements: Constitution 12
Ability Modifiers: Constitution +1, Charisma -1

Darkvision: 60 Feet
Underground Trap Detection: Dwarves have a 2 in 6 chance of detecting traps, false walls, new constriction, and sloped passages
Saving Throws: Dwarves are +2 on saves versus breath attacks, +4 versus poison, +4 versus petrify/paralyze, +3 versus wands, +4 versus spells or spell-like devices
Racial Hatred: Dwarves receive +1 to hit versus orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears.
Armor Class: Armor class (+2) improves when attacked by creatures larger than man-sized (7 feet and over)
Level Limits: Cleric 9, Fighter 9, Thief 12.
Thief Skills: Dwarves thieves receive the following bonuses to their skills: Pick Pockets +7%, Find Traps +10%, Climb Walls -10%
Languages: Dwarves may select goblin, gnome, or kobold as additional languages if their intelligence bonus allows
•See House Rules for starting age, height, and weight.

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