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Test comment by kiltedyaksmankiltedyaksman, 29 Jul 2016 04:06

We don't tend to post much in our forums atm but if you want to know if we've been playing lately just check the dates in our session summaries.

About our forums by kiltedyaksmankiltedyaksman, 11 Aug 2013 23:49

Hey all,
For some reason I do not think I'm getting the email post from the group and it seems to bounce back. When is everyone free to play? Thursday I am booked and Friday as well. What about Tuesday next week?

Tuesday May 7th at Dan's place?

hey can we play tuesday? by danofthedeaddanofthedead, 06 May 2013 01:32

With very little money to spend, I will look for odd jobs around the town to pass his time. Use his WIT and Brawn to make some coin until his sword arm is called to action again.

Carousing for Gorgolach by Squeeg1stSqueeg1st, 24 Feb 2013 15:26

I look forward to it too. Hopefully I haven' t to much of a bother for Kiltedyaksman.

Re: Game Night Availability by Squeeg1stSqueeg1st, 04 Feb 2013 17:20

Yea you did, hey there, looking forward to meeting you in person!

Re: Game Night Availability by SinnigeSinnige, 03 Feb 2013 20:33

What is wrong with the Red Box Niagara board? Nothing is showing up anywhere. The only thing accessible is Site Members and Forums.

Problem with Board? by Squeeg1stSqueeg1st, 03 Feb 2013 14:06

Ive told the fellas you posted…

Hello Crew, I would like to know what nights coming up you are planning on playing.
I would be very interested in coming out for a session.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the roughest nights for me to get out, but if you are playing on one I will do my best to get out.
I look forward to some Grand Adventures.

Game Night Availability by Squeeg1stSqueeg1st, 30 Jan 2013 17:43

Kleego rolled 4 for gold and saved with a 12

Ulfgar begins his temple. He hires two local masons (the dwarves Belkar and Durtag) to begin construction. He spends 300gp and earns 300xp. His small temple will require a total investment of (5000-300=4700gp) to complete.

He makes his save with a 10
and spends 300 gp.

Re: Carousing for Ulfgar. by SinnigeSinnige, 15 Jan 2013 05:25

Ulfgar wants to begin creating a temple or shrine to Klahngeddin in Barrowcrest, seeing as how his presence there is virtually non-existent.

Re: Carousing for Ulfgar. by SinnigeSinnige, 15 Jan 2013 05:24

This is the funniest series of carousing I have ever seen.

Kleego, feeling guilty about getting drunk and starting a fire in barrowcrest, takes his newfound loot and asks around about building a shelter for those who have been displaced by the massive conflagration. The townspeople are quick to praise him and take him up on his offer (not knowing that he caused the first fire). The townspeople praise Kleego and raise him up over their heads, thinking him a good Samaritan, and a selfless benefactor. They all head to the tavern (the one that wasn't burned) for some drunken celebration, all drinks are on Kleego! The whole night, the townsfolk praise Kleego profusely, and give him their honest thanks, as Kleego gets drunker and drunker (trying more to assuage his guilt). During the festivities, Kleego meets up with his current comrades, who urge him to drink even more! The celebrations go on through the night, and on the way back to their current place of lodging (on the outskirts of barrowcrest, seeing as how their previous inn has burned down) Kleego runs inside a barn, thinking to relieve himself. In his drunken stupor, Kleego frightens several animals who knock over a lit lantern (the one than kleego put there so he could see). This immediately starts a fire, and his fellow comrades look on in panic and horror as Kleego runs out of the barn, beard aflame! and a large conflagration spreading behind him.

The party runs to their current haunt (after putting kleego out) before the farmers or anyone else notices them. They manage to slip into their rooms undetected.

Kleego suffers minor burns during the incident and loses a permanent 1 point of charisma. No one except the party knows that he set the second fire (and I doubt they'll do anything about it) so Kleego is pretty much in the clear for now. However rumors of a phantom arsonist is going around town now, some people think he is a malicious pyro, others think he is just a fool. One thing is for certain though, if the townspeople ever did find out about Kleego, there would be much hell to pay.

Kleego suffers a permanent -1 point of charisma for minor burns.
he spends 100 gp (giving it to the town) and gains no experience.
Only the party know he's responsible for not one, but two massive fires.
The entirety of Barrowcrest is pretty much in ashes.

That's good stuff. Can I assume, Ulfgar has the Librum now? If he does, he will immediately spend money (Hiring a scribe if he hasn't time to do it himself) to make a copy of the librum, incase disaster should strike twice.

Re: Carousing for Ulfgar. by SinnigeSinnige, 08 Jan 2013 01:47

Kleego feels bad about the fire and wants to make amends by building a shelter for the children and elderly of Barrowcrest.

Rolled a 2 for gp, and a 3 for a failed save.

Then rolled 20 (started another fire) on fail chart and a 4 and 4.

You spend 100gp and recieve 100xp.

You approach the burnt out temple husk (all that remains of the great fire that ravaged Barrowcrest), offer your donation of 100gp, and consult with the priests of Ygg.

The priests are horrified to learn of the fate of the Fount and curse its bearer for being so careless :p

They do note that the temple's greatest possessions were housed in a secret basement and were not destroyed by the fire. They include the Libram of Ygg that holds one of the incantations used to construct the Fount of Law. If you were to undertake the quest to close the Pit of Chaos they would lend you the Libram but expect it to be returned upon completion of the task. In order to close the Pit of Chaos you must be within 20 feet of the pit and recite the Holy Verse within the Libram. This will take 5 full rounds.

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