Requirements: Dexterity 8, Constitution 9
Ability Modifiers: Charisma -1, Constitution +1

Darkvision: 60 Feet
Weapons: Gnomes may not use large or two-handed weapons. Gnome illusionists may use the light crossbow.
Underground Sense: Gnomes have a 2 in 6 chance of detecting decrepit or unsafe structures, above or below ground, know their depth underground, know their direction underground, and can detect sloped passages.
Languages: Dwarf, halfling, orc, goblin, or kobold if their intelligence bonus allows.
Saving Throws: Gnomes are +2 on saves versus breath attacks, +4 versus poison, +4 versus petrify/paralyze, +1 versus wands, +2 versus spells or spell-like devices
Level Limits: Cleric 7, Fighter 6, Illusionist 7, Thief 7
Thief Skills: Pick Locks +5%, Find Traps +7%, Move Silently +5%, Climb Walls -15%, and Hide in Shadows +5%
Racial Enemy: Gnomes receive an attack bonus of +1 against kobolds.
Gnome illusionists: The duration of all illusionist spells cast by gnomes is increased by 3 rounds.
•See House Rules for starting age, height, and weight.

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