Grimwald Gorehelm

Level 1 Half-Orc Fighter (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)



Player Alex
Character Grimwald Gorehelm
Class Half-Orc Fighter
Level 1
Title Swordsman
Alignment Law
Deity St. Ygg
Languages Common
Special Cleave, Darkvision 60 ft., Track
STR 16
DEX 14
CON 14
CHA 10
HP 11
AC 4
XP 122
GP 63.8


Grimwald claims to be from a fallen order of Knights in a distant land. He says that the entire order fell to a terrible disease that ravaged his home, and that he only survived because his Orcish heritage gave him some resistance to it. Since then, Grimwald has travelled to Threshold in the Northern Reaches to build up enough fortune so that he may re-establish his order.

Being adopted early on in life by his former band of human comrades caused his view of Orcs to be disdainful. Grimwald completely embraces his human side to his fullest and as such tries to hide his orc-like features as much as possible, constantly wearing his great helm to hide his face. This earned him the nickname "Gorehelm" as he is constantly wearing an often gore splattered heavy helm. He insists that only comrades who have proved their mettle in battle, side by side with him may look upon his true face. To date, no one in Threshold claims to have seen what he really looks like.

Although Grimwald embraces his human side, his Half-Orc nature still gets the better of him. Grimwald has been known to be driven into outbursts of anger when provoked, or irritated and he avoids any work that involves writing or reading as much as possible. He also has a fairly surly attitude towards most people in general. Despite all this though, Grimwald follows the god of righteousness: St. Ygg and has taken a vow to rebuild his order and drive evil from the land.

Equipment: Two-handed Sword / Hammer / Sling (20) / Chainmail. 4 Large Sacs, Lantern, Oil Flasks (2), Flint and Tinder, Iron Spikes (12), Water Skin, Rations (7), Grappling Hook, Manacles, Long Sword, Spear, Magic Dagger.

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