Hamelet (Duringald)


Duringald is the Dwarf-given name for the village of Hamelet. Duringald means "Last Hearth" in the Dwarven tongue. It is located East of Threshold in the Northern Reaches on the banks of the Isundune river at a natural ford. To the North lie mountians, East is dense, uncharted forrest, Southward are swamps. The town is governed by a Dwarves of the Stone Born clan. Dwarven society is based on a caste system.


Town Locations

  • Tavern - The Slovenly Trull
  • Smithy - The Iron Anvil
  • Armorer - Black Breastplate
  • Weaponsmith - Golden Axe
  • Money Lender - The King’s Jewel
  • Mercenary Guild - Company of the Arrow and Knee
  • Dwarvish Masons’ Guild - Stone Cutters
  • Temple - Great Forge of Thaneduhr (Largest structure in town)
  • Temple - Meadhall of Geddinthor (2nd Largest structure in town)
  • General Store - Martok’s Market
  • Mystic - Seer Shack
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