Herne The Hunter

Herne is an old deity. He is the god of the northern woodlands, forests, and the creatures that inhabit them. Herne is said to take the form of a deer, or a man with a broadly antlered deer's head. It is said that Herne chooses a favoured son, a druid, barbarian, ranger or warrior of some type, to serve as a guardian of the forest. Herne has a following in all the communities of the Northern Reaches. It is said he treats Silvanus (Green Man) as his father.

Herne chooses a favoured son, a druid, barbarian, ranger, or warrior, to serve him as the Guardian of the Forest . Some believe Herne is the son of Silvanus . The people of the Reaches often use the phrase “Herne protect us” or “Herne protect you” as a toast or when parting company

Symbol: An antlered human head, deer stag, or silver arrow.

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