We use the engine of B/X-Labyrinth Lord with chrome from AD&D including the division of race and class. We do include two adapted rules from 3E (cleave for fighters and spontaneous casting for clerics/magic-users). We also use a simplifed set of miniature combat rules where speed and commonsense prevail.

Anything written on this wiki trumps all print books.

Character Generation:

1. Roll 3d6 seven times, discard the lowest, and arrange to taste.

2. Select your class. Full hit points plus Constitution adjustment at first level.

3. Use the equipment, weapons, armour table, and prices from equipment.

4. Consult Occupations before you became a low-life adventurer.

General Houserules:

1. The difficulty of the cleric undead turning table will be increased by one.

2. 1pp = 5gp.

3. A saving throw versus Magic is allowed (for monsters and players) against the spell Sleep.

4. The same spell cannot be memorized more than once, the exception includeS the use of magic items for this purpose.

5. Shadows are considered negative energy undead.

Races: Human, Half-Orc, Elf, Half-Elf, Hobbit, Gnome, Dwarf
Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Assassin, Thief, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Magic-User, Illusionist.


•Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances: For humans, the four basic character classes have no ability minimum requirements (fighters, clerics, magic-users, and thieves). So you can play a stupid wizard, foolish cleric, klutzy thief, or puny fighter. All other classes and demi-human races have ability score requirements.

•Languages: All characters begin play knowing their own language. Additional bonus languages (or negatives) are subject to Intelligence score. Alignment languages have been dropped. In places of alignment languages, the following languages may be selected as bonus languages (again, subject to INT):

1. Ancient Common (Law) Similar to Latin, Ancient Common is a dead language (to all but spell-casters) Bonus language for clerics
2. Thieves’ Cant (Neutral) The language of outlaws, thieves, and criminals, heard in back alleys and seedy taverns Bonus language for thieves
3. Black Tongue (Chaos) The vile, guttural speech of monstrous creatures, necromancers, and demon cults Bonus language for arcane spellcasters

•Background: Write a very short, creative background for your character. Answer two questions: 1) Who are you? 2) How did you end up at this gods-forsaken, northern town inhabited by criminals, barbarians, and cut-throats, at the ass-end of the civilized realm?

•Experience Point Bonus: +5% if primary ability score(s) is 13-15, +10% if primary ability score(s) is 16-18.

•Hirelings: You are strongly encouraged to employ hirelings. We generate hirelings using Meatshields!: The Classic Fantasy Hireling and Henchman Generator. Hirelings come in three forms: non-combatant labourers, men-at-arms (human and demi-human), henchman (Cleric, Fighter, or Magic-User). The morale of your hirelings is subject to your charisma score. Hirelings with a high morale will stand and fight, hirelings with low morale will flee in the face of danger and death. If your character dies in the middle of an adventure you can play a man-at-arms.

The cost to recruit is 5gp for pamphlets, drinks at the tavern etc or 10gp to approach the local guildmaster and The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

Hireling Type Rate of Pay? Treasure? Experience Points?
Torch-Bearers/Porters 5sp/day* No No
Man-at-arms 1gp (HU) or 3gp (DH)/day* No 1/2 of PC
Henchman n/a Full Full

*The first 3 day’s payment must be made in advance.

Men-at-arms begin play at -1500 experience points and henchmen begin play at zero experience points.


For combat we'll be using a minis-lite rule-set (also see simplified movement rates). The following are in effect (and are subject to negotiated revision depending on play):

•Fleeing: Turning your back on an opponent(s) in melee draws an immediate single attack (from each).
•Reach: Spears and halberds have 5 reach and may also reach from the second rank. Polearms cannot be used against an adjacent enemy (must switch to melee weapon).
•Ranged attacks: Human and elves may fire ranged weapons from the second rank over the head of dwarves/halflings/gnomes
•To Hit Bonuses: Flanked opponent +2, Prone +4, Attack from Behind either +2 or +4 (DM’s discretion)
•Coup de Gras: Unconscious opponent (Auto-Hit Save vs. Death + DMG or die)
•Missile Attacks into Melee (defined as shooting through an ally): A natural low roll (1-3 on d20) will hit party member.
•Missile Attacks: Must be more than 5ft (1 square) from target
•Universal Point Blank Range: 10-15ft. Any missile attack within PBR (from either 10 or 15ft away).


•When a session ends, time out of game passes at the same rate as "real" time.


Hit Points Result
0 HPs (exactly) Unconscious for 1d6 rounds then revives to 1 HP
-1 to -10 HPs Save vs. Death or die. Save: unconscious for 1d6 rds then revive to 1 HP*
Below -10 HPs Dead, No Save

•Bind Wounds: Heal 1-3 hit points after each combat if 10 minutes spent.
Can bind unconscious character’s wounds to revive (with 1 hp)
•Funeral Pyres: If the body of a fallen hireling/man-at-arms or fellow PC is recovered it may be burned on a funeral pyre. PCs may donate up to 50gp per hireling/man-at-arms or 100gp/level of the fallen PC in gold, treasure, etc and earn an equivalent level of experience point bonus.


Name (Common) Name (Ancient Common) Holy Symbol
Gods of Law
Torm, God of Duty Veneratus A white hand on blue field
St. Ygg, God of Righteousness Veridicus A red cross on a white field
Geddinthor, Dwarven God of Battle Klahngeddin A warhammer on a white field
Barbute, God of Guardians and Protectors Barbutas A great helm
Gods of Neutrality
Silvanus, God of Nature Silvanus Face of the green man
Herne the Hunter, Forest Guardian (Minor) Venator Cervus An antlered head
Arcantryl, Goddess of Magic Magus Magicae A blue star on a white field
Crom, God of War Crom Cruach Crown over a mountain
Iron God, Dead Guardian (Minor) Ferum Dominus A grey skull
Gods of Chaos
Tiamat, Goddess of Vengeance Domina Draconis A dragon
Orcus, God of Undeath Malum Mortis A white ram on a black field
Impurax, God of Rot Inficio Infectum A rotting, fanged hand
Set, God of Snakes Salas Serpentum Two snakes facing each other
Nergal, God of the Underworld and Undeath (presumbed dead) Magnum Mortis A Skull

SIMPLIFIED MOVEMENT RATES (Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs)

No Armor 120/turn or 40/rd
No Armor and Treasure (300 coins) 90/turn or 30/rd
Light or Medium Armour (1) 90/turn or 30/rd
Light or Medium and Treasure (200 coins) 60/turn or 20/rd
Heavy Armour (2) 60/turn or 20/rd
Heavy Armour and Treasure (100 coins) 30/turn or 10/rd
(1) Leather, Studded Leather, or Chainmail
(2) Platemail

*Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings move 20/rd and decrease to 10/rd in Heavy Armour and Treasure (100 coins)


Thief M-U Fighter Cleric
Human 16+1d4 19+1d12 16+1d4 20+1d4
Dwarf 45+3d6 - 50+3d6 60+3d6
Elf 125+3d8 150+4d8 125+4d8 180+4d8
Halfling 25+2d6 - 30+1d6 -
Gnome 80+3d6 100+3d6 85+3d6 110+3d6

RANDOM HEIGHT AND WEIGHT (take the average from human and elf for half-elves)

Height Modifier Weight Modifier
Human, Male 5’9” 1d6 175 4d10
Human, Female 5’6” 1d6 130 3d10
Dwarf, Male 4’0” 1d6 150 3d6
Dwarf, Female 3’10” 1d6 120 3d6
Elf, Male 5’0” 1d6 100 3d6
Elf, Female 4’6” 1d6 80 2d6
Halfling, Male 3’0” 1d4 40 3d4
Halfling, Female 2’9” 1d4 30 2d4
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