Magic Items

Bag of Holding: A bag that appears to have a larger capacity than its size suggests.

Bracers of Armor: Magical bracers that increase a character's armor when worn.

Cloak Of Elvenkind: Allows the wearer to blend into his surroundings. Found in Barrowmaze.

Cloak of Protection +1: This cloak was found in Barrowmaze among many burial alcoves.

Codex Of The Iron God: An ancient book of prayers, dictates, and services devoted to Ferum Dominus, The Iron God.

Magic Glasses: Magic glasses that grant the effect of Read Magic and Comprehend Languages when worn.

Magic Rope: Magical Rope.

Magical Globes: Magical projectiles.

Mithril Cloak Clasp: This clasp provides a normal cloak or robe with the properties of a Cloak of Elvenkind

Pinto's Dragon Stones: Sling Ammunition.

Ring of Protection: A magic Ring of Protection +1 that increases armor class and saving throws when worn. Looted from a corpse in a barrow mound.

The Fount of Law: The mysterious essence of Law found within Barrowmaze.

Wand of Magic Missiles: A Wand of Magic Missiles found by Vith in the Crypts of the Iron God (Session 6)

Wand Of Paralyzation: This wand of paralyzation was found in the throne room of the Hobgoblin chief in the Caves of Chaos (Session 8).

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