Milren The Vigilant

Level 2 Human Druid (Deceased)

Player Alex
Character Milren
Class Druid
Level 2
Deity Herne The Hunter
Title Initiate of Summer
Alignment Neutral
Languages Fey, Common
Abilities Druid Abilities
Fear Factor 1
WIS 16
CON 16
CHA 16
HP 15
AC 8
XP 3475
GP 582


Milren used to be a simple woodsman, spending most of his time wandering the hills and forests of the Northern Reaches. Many encounters with the feral wildlife and other dangerous creatures of the region gave him some experience with weapons and simple armor, such as leathers and spears. It was one peculiar night though, when Milren slept in a small grove in a forest of the North that he was contacted by someone strange. Milren awoke to find a small Elven woman equipped with leathers and furs, brandishing a scimitar and helmet with Antlers atop it. She introduced herself as Vidannya, guardian of the forest and leader of the druidic circle of those lands. She said she had been tracking Milren for some time, watching him. She explained that she wished him to join their order. Milren accepted her offer and took up his calling as a druid.

Milren spent much time in the circle since then, learning the ways of the druids, speaking their languages and worshiping Herne The Hunter as well as his father Obad-Hai.

More recently however, Milren has travelled to Barrowcrest as foul undead creatures have been infringing on his woodlands. Rather than fighting them passively, Vidannya has sent him to enter the crypts of the Barrowmaze in an attempt to put a stop to whatever foul evil is causing the dead to rise.


In Hand: Spear / Shield (wooden)
Secondary: Club
Ranged: Sling (10)

Armor: Leather

Pack (Bag of Holding):

4 small sacs, holy water, wooden holy symbol (Herne the hunter), chalk, waterskin, rations (7), caltrops (1), quill-scroll-ink, bedroll, blanket (winter), flint & steel, flask of oil (5), torches (6), hemp rope (50 ft'), animal feed (20), Scroll of Entanglement, Crowbar, Iron Spikes (12), Miner's Pick, Hammer, 10 ft. Ladder, Grappling Hook, Block and Tackle, Wine (2 pints).

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