Requirements: Strength 12, Dexterity 15, Wisdom 15
Prime Requisite: None
Hit Dice: 1d4 (2d4 at first level)
Starting GP: 5-20 (5d4)

Money and Tithe: Monks may not keep large sums of money. They may purchase basic equipment. After that, they must give 10% of all earnings to their monastery or church. They rest they must give away.
Weapon and Armour: Club, Crossbow, Dagger, Hand Axe, Javelin, Halberd, Spear, Staff, Broadsword. Monks wear no armor
Weapon Damage Bonus: +1 DMG when using weapons. This increases every 2 levels.
Strength/Dexterity Restrictions: Do not benefit from To Hit/DMG bonuses from Strength or AC bonus from Dexterity
Stun and Kill: If a monk fighting with bare hands succeeds in his attack by 5 or more needed on a d20 the opponent is stunned for 1d6 rds. Further, there is a base probability equal to the opponent’s AC that the opponent is killed instantly (ex. AC 6 Orc = 6% chance to kill instantly).
Dodge Ranged Attacks: Monks may dodge missiles of a non-magical nature with a successful save versus breath attacks or dodge magic missile with a successful save versus spell-like devices. When saving against other effects that deal damage, successful saving throws result in no damage even when it would normally be half.
Thief Abilities: Monks have some thief abilities and receive the following bonuses: pick pockets (+15%), find traps (+10%), move silently (+10%), climb walls, hide in shadows, and hear noise (plus 1 on d6).
Surprise: Monks are surprised only with a 1 in 6.
•4th Level: At 4th level monks gain the ability to Read Languages
•5th Level: At 5th level monks can feign death (see AEC 17)
•6th Level: At 6th level monks receive bonuses against ESP (see AEC 17)
•7th Level: At 7th level, monks can heal themselves (see AEC 17)
•8th Level: At 8th level, monks may speak with animals and become immune to suggestion (see AEC 17)

Experience Points Character Level Level Title To Hit Bonus Hit Dice (1d4)
0 1 Brother +0 2
2,235 2 Anchorite +0 3
4,765 3 Cenobite +0 4
10,025 4 Eremite +1 5
18,251 5 Master of Earth +1 6
45,501 6 Master of Air +2 7
93,001 7 Master of Water +2 8
195,001 8 Master of Fire +2 9
340,001 9 Grand Master +3 10
Monk Special Abilities
Monk Level AC Bonus Unarmed DMG Unarmed Att/Rd Move Rate
1 0 1d6 1/1 40
2 -1 1d6+1 1/1 40
3 -2 1d8 1/1 50
4 -3 1d10 4/3 50
5 -4 1d12 4/3 60
6 -5 1d12+2 3/2 60
7 -6 2d8 3/2 60
8 -7 3d6 3/2 70
9 -7 2d10 2/1 70

Races: Human, Half-Orc, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf
Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Assassin, Thief, Cleric, Druid, Monk, Magic-User, Illusionist


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