Monsters Encountered

Ghoul: Cunning, intelligent undead who crave human flesh.

Giant Centipede: Giant insects with fatal poison

Giant Rat: Diseased, ill-tempered versions of their smaller cousins.

Giant Spider: Giant eight-legged freaks with deadly poison

Giant Tick: Bloated blood-sucking insects

Gnoll: Tall, hyena-like humanoids who revel in death and destruction.

Goblin: Goblins are small, evil humanoids who are found throughout the Northern Reaches

Gray Ooze: A grotesque slime with an appetite for platemail and longswords.

Hobgoblin: Hobgoblins are larger and stronger than regular goblins.

Kobold: Small reptile-like dogmen known for their cunning and deadly traps

Mimic: Strange creatures that take the shape of mundane objects.

Ogre: Related to giants, ogres are large, brutish, and aggressive humanoids.

Orc: Evil, dark-skinned, pig-faced humanoids.

Owlbear: A magical beast of extraordinary adventurer-killing ability

Skeleton: Mindless skeletal undead animated to serve as guardians and soldiers.

Wererat: Evil lycanthropes with the ability to change form between rats and men.

Yellow Mold: A deadly fungus that disperses an asphyxiating cloud of death.

Zombie: Mindless undead held together by dark magic.

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