Monsters Campaign 3 The Barrowmaze Megadungeon

Coffer Corpse: Walking dead who are immune to normal weapons and inspire fear in the living.

Ghoul: Cunning, intelligent undead who crave human flesh.

Giant Centipede: Giant insects with fatal poison

Giant Fly: Large bulbous robber flies, that like to feed on decaying flesh.

Giant Rat: Diseased, ill-tempered versions of their smaller cousins.

Mongrelmen: A strange, mutated people - part beast, part man.

Phantom: Ethereal spirits who scare the living crap out of the living.

Rot Grubs: Thick worm-like creatures that burrow through living flesh.

Skeleton: Mindless skeletal undead animated to serve as guardians and soldiers.

Stirge: Strange bat-like creatures with a long probiscus used for sucking blood.

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