Magic User Tactics

Stuff to do:

• Carry the torch.
• Carry backup weapons for fighters.
• Throw oil flasks
• Direct your hireling fighter, charmed monster, or war dog
• Throw holy water
• As a last resort, grit your teeth and wade in there and hit somebody with your staff.
• A MU's trade is being the smarty pants, so fight smart - or run, running is good
• Use ranged weapons, holy water, caltrops, oil, etc.
• Bonus languages can be handy
• Mapping is a good job for bookish wizard
• Just remember also that as a Magic-User you are the person that is actually educated in many fields such as history and lore. Ask the DM to let you roll INT or less to see if you can. In my games the MU is always the person with the Lore.


• Don't cast your spell at the first encounter. Wait until it is needed as a tide turner.
• You need to keep MUs as far from combat as you possibly can!
• If combat occurs, don't be afraid to use cover to avoid being a missile target too.
• Being a MU is more about role-playing than combat (at least for me). Try to come up with ideas (eg potential traps, potential hidden treasure locations, potential ambush sites, alternate ways of dealing with monsters other than frontal assaults, etc…), be the smart/cautious one when everyone else is rushing forward to their inevitable doom.
• Don't try and outdo the other characters at what they do. Your magic user will never be able to fill in effectively for them due to the limitations of the system. Instead, find some niche that your magic user can fill in character-wise, and then play to that niche.
• Charm Person gains the Wizard a "loyal" bodyguard
• stay out of combat, it's not your job
• Don't rely on spells. Set traps (caltrops, burning oil). Lure dim monsters into the dungeon's own traps (get a bunch to chase you across a rope bridge then cut it, etc). Save Sleep for when you get into trouble and need an escape.
• Stealth, a potential tool. Without armor, depending on how the DM handles things & feels about the Thief class, you might be damn stealthy. Damn fast too, if movement rate is based solely on weight carried.

Spell Resourcefulness:

• Don't equate spell usefulness with combat: Detect Magic, Charm Person, Hold Portal, etc. can be used quite creatively.
• Charm Person is scary useful. A wizard with that and Sleep is a dangerous person, indeed.
• 1 - Subtle use of charm person while in town talking to an unsuspecting fighter type.
1a - Should morals prevent that, unsubtle use of charm person after subduing a somewhat intelligent humanoid.
2 - Use the charmed person to do your dirty work while you control the scene from the back.
• Think of several of these spells cast over the course of a few days. A Wizard can have several bodyguards. That charmed Orc can tell you a lot about his tribe, guards, traps, treasure and the cave lay-out- along with guarding you.
• Imagine a Level 1 M-U casting this on an Ogre! The Ogre needs a 14+ to avoid the spell.
• Use Spider Climb and attack from above with my oil & flame, or Holy Water.

• Message: Distract/freak out enemy sentries.
• Magic Missile: a never miss attack
• Charm Person: covered pretty thoroughly above
• Detect Magic: dead useful, especially when sorting loot
• Erase: good for clandestine use (destroying a message without being obvious, etc.)
• Mending: cut a peep hole and make it disappear when you're done. pry open a padlock or break a chain to free a prisoner then fix the link to confound the guards
• Spider Climb: better for stealth than combat, also avoid things like pits and triplines
• Summon Familiar: whenever you do get around to using it, it will depend (partially) on what you get
• Unseen Servant: drop something or slam a door behind a foe to distract him (or cut off pursuit), retrieve a key from the jailer's belt

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