Sir Pellinore of Glastonbury

Level 1 Human Paladin (Unknown - Presumed Deceased)

Player NPC
Character Sir Pellinore
Class Paladin
Level 1
Title Squire
Alignment Law
Languages Common, Ancient Common
Special Paladin Traits
STR 17
INT 12
WIS 16
DEX 16
CHA 17
HP 10
AC 2
XP 110
GP 15

Chainmail, Shield, Longsword, Mace, Dagger, Pack A

Sir Pellinore of Glastonbury is Sr. Galwaith's squire. Pellinore recently advanced to the level of squire and was knighted into St. Ygg's Order of the Righteous Cross. Pellinore has recently sought assistance from the Church in Threshold to send a search party for Sir Galwaith. He hopes to find his mentor, but fears the worst.

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