Retired Adventurers and Followers


Abraxas: Level 1 Human Magic-User

Balifar: Level 3 Human Cleric of St. Ygg

Binford the Zealot: Level 4 Human Cleric of the Iron God

Brother Horfire Arroway: Level 1 Human Monk

Brother Maynard: Level 2 Cleric of Crom

Deryk: Level 1 Fighter

Drak the Swordsman: Level 1 Half-Orc Fighter

Durek Thunderheart: Level 1 Dwarf

Fingers McGillicutty: Level 1 Halfling Thief

Francis: Level 1 Halfling

Frederick the Forgiving: Level 1 Human Cleric of St. Ygg

Freshlyfe: Level 1 Cleric of Hearne the Hunter

Galaxina: Level 1 Magic-User

Gilthak: Level 1 Cleric of Mystryl.

Gor-Gak the Barely-Known: Level 1 Half-Orc Fighter

Keliroon: Level 1 Human Magic-User

Kleego "Redrum" Saltpounder: Level 3 Dwarven Fighter

Marcus Cole: Level 1 Human Cleric

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Armak: Human Man-at-Arms (Drambuin)

Colmar: Human Man-at-Arms and brother of Corgax (Sweargen)

Corgax: Human Man-at-Arms and brother of Colmar (Sweargen)

Halwyn: Human Female Man-at-Arms

Kotter: Human Man-at-Arms

Margard: Human Man-at-Arms

Morag Mountainstone: Dwarven Man-at-Arms (Binford)

Thurdir Stoneshield: Dwarven Man-at-Arms (for hire)


Garmat: Torchbearer/porter.


Hillgax: Level 2 Human Fighter

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