Updated July 2020

A sunken city exists south of Hamlet called Nemia.

Strange beastly humanoids live in/near Nemia

There is a strange circle in the city ruins

Be wary of the statuary in the Sunken City.

Vast catacombs can be found below the city.

Beware the strange pool in the ruins.

Updated July 2016

Raids by Renata the Robber have increased. A bounty exists for her kill or capture.

Archaia, an ancient civilization long destroyed beyond the Forbidden Zone, has become the home to many bands of monstrous humanoids.

Recently the Citadel of the Iron God was destroyed by a strange lighning storm.

There are whispers that an old underground stronghold, possibly Quasqueton, was recently discovered south and east of Threshold. Some say it's the former complex of Zelligar and Rogahn, two former adventurers of renown.

Ol' orcs and goblins don't have much courage for a fight. Sometimes if you cut a few down early, the rest will run.

A fountain of youth exists somewhere in the Northern Reaches, some say. The fountain supposedly rests in the middle of a ruined temple to some long forgotten god.

A patrol from Threshold recently discovered a group of monks slaughtered in the wilderness. Castellan Belrain believes they may have been a delegation from the Tower of the Heavens. He wants answers.

Some forms of undead possess a cunning intelligence.

The men of the Northern Reaches say the spear is perhaps the most versatile of weapons. You can use it for melee, but also get the reach of a pole arm. You can also throw it.

The tomb of Sigyfel, the thrice-cursed, is said to lay half-way between Threshold and the Citadel of the Iron God, just north of the road.

The glands of some monsterous creatures can be used, harvested for sale, or applied to weapons.

Those in Threshold who don't want to be seen use the sewers.

The hamlet of Oakhurst has been - wait for it - beset by evil.

Fellow thieves adventurers just returned to Threshold laden with sacks of gold and bags of jewels! They claim they found an ancient shrine to Kor the Sun God in the wilderness of the Northern Reaches! The shrine is located at the origin of the Mudwash River, about two days march north-west of Threshold.

In the dark, dwarves can see farther than goblins.

Caves? Yeah, there are caves under the White River Falls. So I hear anyway.

I once worked for a mage, Sleena the Conjuror. Before we set out she bought me a new suit of chainmail and a new longsword. I would have followed her to the 9 Hells.

Local authorities pay gold for the heads of orcs and goblins. He is especially interested in a group to explore some caves north and east of Threshold, where evil monsters are said to gather.

A stange humanoid creature haunts Kusnir. It creeps into the village at night and leaves strange illegible symbols in blood on the walls of buildings.

The Citadel of the Iron God was cleared of goblins and undead by a group of stalwart adventurers. Since then creatures of the lowest order have taken residence.

Threshold has a seedy underbelly.

Sometime the people who travel to Orlane, a village south and west of Threshold, don't every come back.

Sometimes caravans heading south of Threshold are attacked by tall dogmen. Apparently, Ol' Gargill was killed by a spear just last week while protecting a caravan.

Othil, an envoy from the nearby village of Thatchum, appeared at the Flaming Troll last night desperate to hire sword-arms to protect his people from "a great evil."

The caravans are always looking for men-at-arms to protect their caravans.

Apparently a local noble, Galt Raither III, has bought an ol' Castle Caldwell just west of Threshold, but when he went to make a closer inspection of the building he found that place was inhabited by monsters! He barely escaped with his life. He's looking for a group of mercenaries adventurers to clear the ruins. You can find his factor from time to time in the Flaming troll.

If in doubt, carry blunt weapons. They work on everything.

Orcs have difficulty fighting in bright light.

Temples of Law can provide curing magic. For the right price.

An old ruined outpost is said to exist south of the Citadel of the Iron God.

The hills around Restenford are swarming with monsters, and the ruined castle nearby.

Halberds are great for killin' beasties, but they're ineffective close up.

Apparently, the people of Oakhurst barter with local goblins for strange apples that the goblins harvest each fall.

Some warrior I worked for, Lug the short-sighted, asked me to go forward in the dark and look for traps. I told him to pound salt and fled. Glad I did too. I heard the warrior was killed by orc arrows as his men-at-arms ran away.

Beware the harpy's scream, it drives men mad.

The people of Thatchum use the hills dotted around the village to age the cheese that the community produces. Although nobody knows for sure, cheese aged in the caves is particularly delicious.

Only half of Threshold is above the ground.

Torch-bearers almost always get targeted first. Be sure to scout ahead.

All rumours are true.

An old goat-herder claimed to see a large minotaur entering the Thornswild Forest.

It's believed that the ruins of Elandin Castle lay somewhere in the Northern Reaches. Elandin was a mage of extraordinary power.

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