Session 05

Treasure found and zombies killed as the adventurers creep through the lower level

This session was played on Thursday, December 2, 2010.

Featuring the PCs:

Vith and his men-at-arms Hillgax and Werford, and the wardog Fenrir.
Binford and his men-at-arms Murgar, Gilag, and the torch-bearer Alwin.

and introducing the henchman Bryton a cleric of Mystral, and his men-at-arms Gilthanus and Baldra, and the torch-bearer Gomar the Gozarian,

The party began this session by recruiting additional followers and further exploring the lower level of the Citadel. Vith found a secret door at a dead end, and the group proceeded through it. As soon as the torchlight hit the room two ghouls jumped out of the alcoves and attacked. The ghouls managed to hit both Murgar and Alwin with their paralyzing touch. Werford managed to pull Murgar from the fray, but Alwin was immobilized.


Three skeletons joined the ghouls and Alwin the torch-bearer was cut down by a skeleton with a shortsword.


Werford, shooting his crossbow into combat from behind most of the party, critical missed and hit the Baldra the man-at-arms in the back. Baldra had but a few hit points and died (failing her save versus death)

Having lost two of their number in the first combat of the session, the tomb robbers decided to retreat through the secret door with their immobilized companions and wait until the ghoul paralysis wore off. Several hours later, just before their rest ended, they heard the shuffling of a pack of zombies approaching their position. Bryton of Mystral called upon his holy faith and turned four of the five undead monsters. The final zombie died (again) by our swords. A palpable hit by Bryton's mace. Songs of praise were sung in the tavern that night about Bryton's performance.


After their rest the party continued through the lower crypts finding the wheel room. This is the room where the monks formerly determined where to place the remains of the dead (as directed by the Iron God). The found a secret door there containing two strange chests. They quickly high-tailed it out of the dungeon with the chests and licked their wounds. They ran into a group of giant rats on the way out, but thanks to a well timed sleep spell they were no trouble.


After returning to threshold, Vith sought out Martek the Magnificent hoping he could identify several strange globes found in the chests. Vith returned in a week and was told the not all of the globes could be identified. Some of these globes could be used as projectiles that had various effects.

The party replaced Baldra and Alwin and returned to the crypt. Vith decided to enter the lower level from a different location and a gray ooze fell from the ceiling and ate Murgar's platemail. Gee thanks Vith, I hope you know the spell Summon Platemail II.

After searching additional areas, they were attacked from behind by a large pack of zombies while searching for a secret door.


The final encounter of the session included some ghouls and zombies who were eating the remains of the recently interned. After searching the alcoves, Bryton managed to find a magical heavy mace he named Skullcrusher.


The tomb robbers returned to Threshold. They will re-enter the crypts soon, and clear the remaining undead, to ensure the geas placed on Binford by the Iron God is removed.

Binford is the first of the PCs to level up to 2nd.

Totals to Date:
PCs Killed: 0
Hirelings Killed: 5
PCs/Hirelings Reduced to Zero HP: 6
Goblins Put to the Sword: 26
Skeletons Destroyed: 20
Zombies Destroyed: 15
Ghouls Killed: 7
Giant Spiders Killed: 2
Giant Centipedes Exterminated: 3
Gray Ooze De-Slimed: 1
Plundered Goods: 4641 gps of value
Days in Campaign: 35

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