Session 14

A Tale of Woe!; or, Sometimes the End (of The Syndicate) is Just the Beginning…

This session was played on a fateful Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

This strange, strange session took place in two parts:

Session 14: Part A

Featuring the PCs:

Hillgax and his dwarven man-at-arms Thurdir
Binford and his dwarven man-at-arms Morag
Scratch the unlucky number and the torch-bearer Mungo

This session started out in the midst of action, if you recall from the last session the action froze right after Vith succumbed to a mimic. The Syndicate (Scratch especially), were enraged by the vile monster that ate their comrade and threw vials of flaming oil at the helpless thing from across the spiked pit. The mimic was soon caught up in the conflagration and met its end. Unfortunately it was impossible to recover any of Vith's gear from the mimic. Scratch picked up a charred board from the mimic's remains and lamented Vith's untimely end.

Soon after this the rest of the Syndicate heard something large and nasty coming from outside of the room they were in. They threw vials of oil in front of the door and braced for attack but nothing came of it. Apparently whatever was outside did not wish to come inside. After this strange occurrence, the Syndicate searched the room for more secret openings. They did indeed find another secret door leading to a room that was exactly identical to the other room with the mimic. Hillgax fortunately had the presence of mind to look towards the ceiling and saw a large stone block suspended over the area in front of the chest. Hillgax and Scratch disarmed the clever trap by pushing the pressure plate under the trap with a ten foot pole. The trap was set off while the Syndicate safely stood aside.

Now, having that obstacle out of the way, Hillgax carefully tested if the identical looking chest was a mimic. It wasn't. Before opening the chest though, Hillgax called Scratch over to test it out for traps or other devious devices. Scratch, having misheard Hillgax's command in his haste to get the treasure, foolishly opened the chest in the same manner as Vith had done earlier. Birds of a feather I suppose.

Now this is where things took an unexpected (well not by Hillgax I suppose) turn. Scratch, as he was hastily opening the chest, was hit square in the face by a poisoned dart. Suffice to say he will not be joining in on any more adventures. And there it was two head figures of the Syndicate taken out in a flash, leaving only Binford (and to an extent, Hillgax) to lead the dwindling band of adventurers. Scratch's death will be lamented, though you think he would have learned his lesson from Vith's untimely end.

There was a silver lining I suppose. The chest contained a large bag of copper coins, and in a false bottom a small fortune in the form of jewelry was found. Hillgax, Binford, and the few remaining members of the Syndicate returned to Threshold without incident, as very wealthy adventurers (seeing as how they didn't need to split the hoard with almost anyone). Their coffers full, Binford declared the end of the Syndicate of Swords. Hillgax agreed happily, seeing as how he was set for quite a long time.

Rumor has it that Both Binford and Hillgax (as well as their rag-tag dwarven men at arms) can still be seen around Threshold. Hillgax lives the life of a typical adventurer, boozing and carousing to his heart's content. Binford on the other hand, devoted his life to the Iron God and reverently attempts to complete his temple. Word has it the temple construction is going smoothly and that it is now the place of residence for Binford.

And though the life of one band of heroes came and went, flourishing at times, and at other times merely scraping by; a new band of adventurers forms in Threshold. Their tales and exploits yet to be committed, their swords and axes yet to bloodied, this bold new group sets out from Threshold with their own goals and ideals to drive them to greatness… or death. Only time will tell what fate has in store for these brave adventurers.

Final Totals of The Syndicate through 13.5 Sessions:
PCs Killed: 3
Hirelings Killed: 19
PCs/Hirelings Reduced to Zero HP: 21
Goblins Put to the Sword: 58
Wererats (non-union) Exterminated: 2
City Guards Slaughtered: 4
Stirges Destroyed: 12
Yellow Molds put to the Torch: 1
Kobolds Dispatched: 14
Hobgoblins Killed: 25
Orcs slaughtered: 21
Owlbears De-Clawed: 1
Ogres Downed: 1
Skeletons Destroyed: 70
Zombies Destroyed: 35
Ghouls Killed: 7
Giant Spiders Killed: 2
Giant Centipedes Exterminated: 3
Gray Ooze De-Slimed: 4
Brigands Killed: 19
Mimics Toasted: 1
Giant Rats Exterminated: 52
Plundered Goods: 19384 gps of value
Days in Campaign: 62

Session 14: Part B

In Threshold, small groups of explorers gather together regularly and head out into the wilderness in search of adventure and gold. Of these, few return to the city and those have little to show but their lives.

At the same time The Syndicate decided to hang up their swords, an adventuring party of a different sort was formed by Cardinal Ludwig at the Temple of Law. Ludwig commissioned Zozimus, a newly ordained acolyte of St. Ygg, and Grimwald, a holy fighter of St. Ygg, to undertake a quest on behalf of the church. Apparently, Sir Galwaith a paladin of Ygg has disappeared. Galwaith left Threshold with the intent to hunt down and slay the vicious minotaur Toth-Ror, and has not been seen since. The minotaur fought for the Dragon Army during the Dragon Wars, and was last seen in the locality of the Thornswild Forest. Galwaith's squire, the recently knighted Sir Pellinore, has pressed the Ludwig and the Temple of Law to send a search party. Sir Pellinore has agreed to join the quest. Drambuin Hillsmith, a young local dwarf looking to make his name and some coin, also joined the adventure.

Before this quest could be undertaken, the group had thought it a good idea to test their mettle (briefly) in the Threshold sewers. The following accounts for their short foray:

Zozimus the Acolyte of St. Ygg and his man-at-arms Muldoon
Grimwald Gorehelm and his man-at-arms Larig
Drambuin Hillsmith and his man-at-arms Armak

After exploring a number of intersected sewer tunnels the party entered a worled stone area that appeared to have recent activity. Grimwald, never one to miss a torch nub, was in his glory.

The group proceeded through a trap and entered a crypt with terrible skeletons!


Zozimus managed to turn a few of the undead and Muldoon and larig managed to push past into the combat.


Muldoon and Larig were killed by a skeletons.


After the skeleton crypt, the party entered larger a roughly octagonal room with three demonic statues and a sarcophagus in the middle. While (too) interested in the statues the adventurers were attacked by a ghoul who lept out of the sarcophagus and instantly froze Grimwald. The ghoul was very weak and died (again) not long thereafter.


To be fair, the death of their two men-at-arms was the result of rolls and poor equipment (other than Zozimus the party had little money). They had no funds for decent armour or to equip the second rank with polearms or ranged weapons.

This preliminary foray hopefully gave them a feel for how to work together, they'll need it if they want to hunt down and defeat the villianous Toth-Ror!!!

Northern Reaches Session Report
PCs Killed: 0
Hirelings Killed: 2
PCs/Hirelings Reduced to Zero HP: 2
Plundered Goods: gps of value: TBD
Days in Campaign: 1

Skeletons: 6
Ghouls: 1

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