Session 17

Crypt-robbing in Exploration of Barrowmaze continues…

This session was played on Thursday, July 7, 2011

Featuring the PCs:

Tymor and his man-at-arms Kotter
Janis and his man-at-arms Hawk the Slayer *insert hawk screech*
Arcus and his man-at-arms Gulfirth and his torch-bearer Wargash
Bungle and his man-at-arms Larstad

After gathering some much needed courage and men from the local tavern the intrepid and green adventurers made their way back to the burial mounds of the Barrowmaze. Climbing into the crypts the band made their way back to the triumvirate of doors. Tymor pounded with all his might on the middle door, each thrust echoing down the hallway. Failing to break the door a pry bar was employed but to no avail. Defeated by the door the party began to search down the main hallway of the crypt. Opening several doors a group of rats charged the group. Shutting the door to the room we began to cover the rats in oil, soaking the door, floor and creatures. As the rats attempted to attack, the floor was set ablaze and several rats were turned into rat flambé. Entering several chambers the party stumbled onto a longer hallway. Poking along, a pit trap was discovered and then began the task of helping everyone across. Tymor climbed down and moved to the other side of the pit using Arcus’ rope. Staking the end down into the stone the party crossed the pit. Searching several rooms opened a strange triangular room with a statue of a gargoyle staring intently at a missing hand. Several attempts were made to poke the gargoyle statue with (surprisingly) no response.
Then craving more excitement Bungle decided that the party needed to move along. Bursting open the door he was surrounded by several creatures, half man, half beast. Their slimy tentacles, claws and other frightening appendages reached out to slash at him. Fortunately luck was on his side as he managed to avoid the first round of attacks and then, throwing caution to the wind, rushed out of the room. Again the creatures attacked only scoring a mediocre hit.
A sleep spell from Arcus fell several of the creatures allowing the group to begin slaying the slumbering beasts with ease. With a couple of creature left the beasts were downed and searched. Several members thought about taking the trophies of the grotesque limbs to town as proof but this grizzly task was ignored. The room was searched and a hidden door was discovered.
Entering with trepidation/courage the band was faced with a cloth draping the way. Checking for traps the group hit the cloth with a bullet. Since nothing stirred Tymor moved behind the cloth only to be met with a grave touched friend rushing to taste his blood. Sinking his fangs into his arm the creature caused Tymor to become catatonic and had a great feast. Sadly Tymor succumbed to his wounds. Next the ghoul focused on the other members as the melee ensued. Next on the menu was Merrick who also fell to the beast and was gorged upon. Janus once again jumped in to save the day stabbing the beast. After searching the beasts the group decided it was time to leave. After looting the bodies of the ghouls and their comrades the group laid Merrick and Tymor to rest in the crypt. Sprinkling them with holy water the group left unable to bring the bodies of their friends for a proper burial. This concluded session seventeen with a few less friends but a lot more gold.

*EDIT by Alex: you left out the part where Bungle read the strange runes and became, what's the nice way of saying this, "special" (OD&D feeblemind essentially). ^^


Beware the doom to follow!


Bungle the Brave


Bungle the foolhearty


Bungle the wonderously lucky!


Wait I'll hold these fiends off with my arm

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