Session 18

A sliightly different crew enters Barrowmaze

This session was played on Wednesday, July 14, 2011

Featuring the PCs:

Smedly the Pit Walker and his man-at-arms Uts and Rhoe
Janis and his man-at-arms Hawk the Slayer *insert hawk screech* and Margard
The henchman Iressa and her torch-bearer Grubb

This session was played by me (Alex) and Greg, mainly because there was trouble with the e mails/scheduling so I ended up arriving not realizing i'd be the only one >.>. No worries though, it was a very profitable session.

The session began in town, where Smedly The Pit-Walker recruited some hirelings, a half fighter/half cleric henchman known as Iressa, and Janis. After business in town was taken care of, the party embarked to the Barrowmaze. The party took a different route to enter the maze this time around, on account of a treasure map held in possesion by Grubb the torchbearer.


The entrance to the the maze


The party entered the crypt and travelled to the room that was marked on the treasure map, which was very close to the entrance. The first row of the party entered the room cautiously and noted an old crypt and a pile of refuse. The probing of the refuse pile with a ten foot pole revealed several giant centipedes.


The centipedes did not prove to be too much trouble for the party. However, Iressa was bitten by one and immediately began to feel sickly and nauseous. This caused her to be somewhat less effective and she had a hard time keeping up with the party, all in all it was a poor debut for the first multiclassed character in the redbox. Iressa did manage to sling a few enemies here and there, and her heal spells were appreciated. After the battle, the room was searched but there was no loot or treasure of any kind. It appeared the crypt had been looted or destroyed previously (probably by greedy adventurers). The party then moved on down the corridor.


At the end of the corridor the party arrived at a strange room, with statues lining all the walls and an altar on the far end. An examination of the statues showed that the faces were human-eque but not entirely so, they were not dwarven or elven, or of any recognizable race but something different. There was also no treasure or anything of value to the party on the statues either. Having searched the statues, Smedly decided to search the altar on the far end.


As Smedly approached the altar, a pit trap opened up beneath his feet. Smedly had the presence of mind to make a tiny leap backwards to avoid falling in the pit outright (successful dexterity check). However, he was still teetering dangerously over the edge. Being somewhat shocked at the moment and having little options in the scenario, all Smedly could manage to do was teeter helplessly (another successful dexterity check). Finally, Smedly got his wits about him and cried for help.


At this point it was Rhoe who heard Smedly and thus made a dive to grab hold of him. With a mighty dive, Rhoe managed to grab hold of Smedly's belt and keep him from falling in (successful strength check), though it was not enough to pull him to safety entirely. It was Uts who heard the commotion next, and was close enough to dive and grab hold of Rhoe's legs who was trying frantically to pull poor Smedly to safety (successful strength check).


With the combined strength of Uts, Rhoe and Grubb who had now managed to join in the game of tug of war with the pit (another successful strength check), Smedly was finally pulled to safety. Smedly thanked his comrades profusely, and praised Mystryl, not for the last time. Thus is the story of how Smedly The Tolerable became Smedly The Pit-Walker. Oh, and a stone toss down the pit revealed that it was bottomless.


The party, having had enough with the crazy statue filled room, and finding nothing of value there, moved on down the corridors.


The party came to a wide opening in the halway, that formed what was like a room with a statue at the end of it, and a gang of giant flies (giant bugs were somewhat of a theme this session I suppose) descended from the ceiling and engaged the party.


The party fought bravely against the flies, using shortbows, slings, maces, and all the weapons at their disposal to dispatch the surprisingly hardy flies. Unfortunately though, Uts and Rhoe were not lucky enough to survive, being killed and subsequently feasted upon by the vile giant flies. Smedly was reduced to one hit point, but survived miraculously (again, Smedly praised Mystryl, and not for the last time). After the flies were finally beaten to a pulp, the party moved on, finding nothing too interesting about the statue except that it was strangely human and un-human like the others.


As the party opened the door closest to the way they came, they found an empty crypt room filled with alcoves, and heard a snarl from down the hall. The party carefully went down the hall and came to a door that was ajar. Inside the party saw two more giant flies feasting on greedy adventurers. The party destroyed these flies with no casualties, though Smedly was reduced to one hit point again and survived (and he praised Mystryl, probably not for the last time). The party found a wealth of gems, platinum, gold and trinkets on the adventurers. The party also searched the room they were at when they heard the snarl, but found only some electrum pieces. The party travelled back to town much richer than they were before. Though I can't say exactly how much loot was found it was something like 750 GP for each PC/henchman.

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