Session 20

Loot, Loot, and More Undead

Okay let's see… who was playing:

Milren and his torchbearer: Arik,

Arcus and his man at arms …

Janis and his man at arms Ordric from Mordric

as well as the henchman Iressa.

Alright this was an exciting session as I (Alex) finally got to try a class that wasn't a human default class (i.e. Cleric, Fighter, Magic-user). Milren is the first druid to show his face in the campaign either as a pc or npc. That being said there were also alot of other things going on this session.

First off, the party revisited the other section of the barrowmaze that was visited in session 18 by Smedly the pit-walker (Mystryl rest his soul). This turned out to be a fortuitous decision for several reasons. The first being loot, the second being, well… loot. As the party entered the crypts, they immediately saw the glow of torchlight coming from a room that had been previously encountered by Janis (it was where the giant centipedes were fought in session 18). Though, this time the party surprised another band of adventurers in the room. Milren, not one for trouble and a fairly compassionate person, tried to hail them and parley with them rather than assaulting them while they were surprised. The other adventurers would have none of it though, and attacked at first sight.

The battle was fierce, though a little one sided. For Milren's first round in the campaign he critical'd a guy with his spear and slew him (I took this as a good omen). A few hitpoints were lost by our party but a faerie fire spell from Milren, a magic missile from Arcus and all-round good rolls for the rest of the party took most of them out quickly. The other adventurers surrendered and were forced to give up all their loot which included some platinum and a treasure map. Now the party noticed the secret door they hadn't seen before when they first came the the crypt. After the party got what info they could from the adventurers, they sent them on their way.


Now the party crept down the secret hallway into an old and forgotten crypt, clearly undisturbed for many years. The party carefully searched the walls and alcoves all around the room (finding nothing) and then approached the centre tomb. Now, Arcus (not always being the most wise) believed that his protection from evil spell would make him invincible to any evil creature (Milren, informed him that the spell only repelled summoned creatures some time later). As such, he opened the door hastily and was rushed by what appeared to be a mummy-like undead.


The creature didn't get a very good hold of Arcus's throat (2 damage or something similar) before Ireassa smashed a vial of holy water onto the undead thing. This downed the surprisingly frail abomination. The party doused the creature with oil and set it ablaze before it could do any more damage (as they had learned to do in previous sessions). The party found some really expensive jewelry in the crypt and went back to town rich.


After the party resupplied, they ventured back to the tombs and down the corridors to the place where Smedly the pit-walker had encountered the group of giant flies. This time though, the group was surprised by a gang of skeletons. The party fended off the skeletal attacks and then Milren cast a spell of entanglement. The skeletons were surprisingly nimble and only half of them were caught up by the spell. The rest though were turned by Iressa's clerical powers. The party then picked the remaining skeletons off and proceeded to the closest room.


In the closest room they found several powerful undead, wearing ancient robes. Luckily, the party had time enough to shower the floor with oil, then light it ablaze as the Skeletons drew close. It's lucky that fire was the party's first choice here as a shot from Arcus's man at arm's cross bow revealed the skeltons were impervious to conventional weaponry. The skeletons took a surpisingly long while to barbecue, revealing they were tough ones indeed. Though, they all eventually did fall but not before one killed Arcus's man at arms with a spear.


It was a pretty grisly death for … as he was stabbed, being impaled completely (-3 hp) lit on fire, and poisoned on top of it all. Needless to say though, he died quickly and instantly.


After the party cleaned up the skeletons, they found several very expensive gems, and became rich[er] men. They also found a magic bag (EDIT: recently revealed as a Bag of Holding) that was about 8 feet deep but the size of a small leather pouch. The party debated on who should keep it for a while before it was decided Milren should hold onto it. The party finally trudged back to Barrowcrest for some rest and relaxation.

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