Session 21

Wherein the party is slain…except Milren (who got lucky)

Milren and his torchbearer: Arik,


Janis and his man at arms Ordric from Mordric



Our Brave adventurers delved once more into the terrifying Barrowmaze. Through dark and dreary passage ways they discovered the corpse of an elven adventurer who recently met a foul end in these ancient crypts. On the walls someone scratched the words "Antilus was here". Where these the last words of this ill-fated adventurer or just the work of some brave graffiti artist in the darkness of these ancient tombs?


Across the hallway from the corpse our brave party encountered four unusually pale corpses with large claw-like hands. Having dealt with such ghoulish creatures before, the party quickly moved out of the room before they sprang up and attacked!


Having thrown flasks of oil the floor, these ghoulish creatures slipped and fell while wise Melrin used his druidic magics to entangle the rest in creeping vines. Once these foul beasts where ensnared, the party put them to the torch and let the fires consume the oil, vines, and ghouls alike.


The brave party ventured onward and a runic tablet of ancient origin. Arcus the mage tapped into the arcane powers of the tablet and saw a vision of the ancient creators of this crypt. A host of beastly men carried treasures, urns, and caskets through the halls in a funeral procession to a large wooden ship deep inside the crypt.

In another room the party discovered a small misshapen creature with the twisted body of a man covered in parts of various animals. Milren calmed this creature and befriended it using his druidic skills to the party's benefit once again. The creature introduced it self as Grr'wuf-nub and pointed the adventurers towards treasure. However the path to this treasure is fraught with peril and a group of walking corpses, lit ablaze by oil, slayed the valiant Ordric from Mordric before succumbing to the fires.


Further in, the party discovered a monstrously large room with a massive obelisk in it's centre. Evil skeletal creatures where found piling up bones for a dark figure in robes.


The party assembled into battle formation in the hallway and laid down a trap of oil at the entrance to the room, but these where no mindless undead. Under the direction of their evil taskmaster, they waited outside of the range of the party's trap.


Once his skeletal servants where in place, this unholy mage unleashed vile spells that forced the party into a nightmarish slumber. Only brave Melrin resisted the foul magics that would spell the end of our brave adventurers.


Powerless to stop the advance of the skeletal creatures, Milren the druid escaped the battle by running for his life while death marched forward and claimed his friends. What shall happen now to the corpses Bungle, Janis, Arcus, Justinian, Arik, and poor Grr'wuf-nub left in the company of such wicked creatures? Perhaps we shall find out next session!

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