Session 25


This session was played on Friday, November 11th.

The adventurers included:

The dwarf Muligan, his dwarven man-at-arms Thurlin, and torch-bearer Rawin.

The druid Milren and his man-at-arms …

The dwarf Drambuin and the NPC Iressa.

Due to the long amount of time elapsed between the session and report, it will be brief/vague.

After many hours of scaling the dungeon, looking for treasure, the adventurers ran into a section of the maze composed entirely of caverns. The caverns were treacherous, allowing only a single file formation. After travelling through many forks of these caverns, the adventurers discovered a tunnel of worked stone (10ft. wide). The adventurers were giddy with excitement when they saw a massive pile of gold coins in wait at the end of the newly discovered room. However, the ever cautious party looked up at the ceiling before entering, and discovered a massive Carrion Crawler.

The thing was vicious, attacking with 8 tentacles. It made quick work of most of the party, paralyzing them with a single touch of it's foul appendages. Then, it made quick work of the rest of the party, who did not wish to abandon their paralyzed comrades (or the pile of gold) to the beast. It should be noted that Muligan, the hardy Dwarf survived the longest, but eventually succumbed to the 8 tentacles (that's 8 attacks on one tiny dwarf!). Thus was the end of the adventurers who had done so well to this point, and the end of Milren who had managed to escaped by the skin of his teeth a previous TPK.


While one party of adventurers was slowly consumed in the dark, another group of tomb-robbers and ne'er-do-wells set out from town in hopes of finding the treasures of the Barrowmaze.

Grubnar the Half-Orc Fighter

Gor-Gak the Half-Orc Fighter (brother of Grubnar) and his men-at-arms Ool

Marcus Cole the Cleric of St. Ygg

This was a very short foray with the new characters, as most of the session was composed of our other characters getting eaten and part of the remaining time rolling up new characters.

To be quite honest, my memory is fuzzy here. Judging from the pictures it looks like we ran into a grey ooze, a Coffer Corpse and some characters died. There will probably be a new set of characters next session if we cant find the old character sheets for these guys.

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