Session 26

Adventurers find eternal rest in Barrowmaze! Read all about it!

This session (Northern Reaches 26/Barrowmaze 10) was played on Sunday, February 20th, 2012.

Theodwyn (Alex) the Level 1 Elven Fighter
Jim (Dan II) the Level 1 Half-Elf Cleric
Kreel (Jason) the Level 1 Human Fighter
Kelg (Greg) the Level 1 Dwarven Fighter (NPC)

And their men-at-arms: Drovay, Bargle, Grubb II, and the cowardly torch-bearer Henx.

This session was played by the four of us, (with Greg DMing and running the NPC Kelg Barrelgut). Two of us were linked via google+ and there was one observer at the table we are converting from the Dark Side of 4E. Also, we don't have our usual visuals because we forwent the minis and Hirst Arts dungeon pieces as our google+ members wouldn't have been able to make it out very well.

The adventurers assembled at the The Brazen Strumpet. Theodwyn hired a guide to lead the adventurers to Barrowmaze. He attempted to haggle him down but ended up paying more instead. People in the Barrowcrest are a miserable lot. Once the party made their way to the many burial mounds, they investigated two. One was sealed off tight by a large stone slab, and immovable with the party's current equipment. The next was partially covered over with earth, and would require excavation.

The adventurers instead headed to a large standing stone, and found some skulls and strange runic writing. Jim, the cleric, was able to discern that it was about Nergul, the God of the Underworld who wasn't really worshiped anymore, but couldn't grasp any details as he didn't understand the language. The party then thought to search the surrounding area for secret passages-or-the-like when they were beset upon by zombies! The party formed a defensive line, and cut down all three zombies without taking any injury.

The next order of business was to investigate the largest mound visible in the moors which was located from what they could gather, near the center of the fetid bog. They approached and found a large serviceable entrance which led to a massive vaulted chamber.


The party investigated the chamber and found a dead corpse, with nothing of value on it, and a large pit descending to another chamber. After much delay, the party joined Theo and Kelg in the chamber below, via a rope Theo had brought with him. Theo taunted the rest of the party for their cowardice (they really didn't want to climb down the rope, without a means of quick escape) and urged them to help explore the crypts below.

Kreel found a magic dagger half-buried in the rubble that had been lost by a previous tomb-robber (Bungle in session 19) as he fled for his life out of the maze.

The characters entered the halls and searched, but to their dismay they were set upon by more zombies, these ones of a more feral and fierce variety. They seemed to be drawn to fresh blood! Everyone made it out okay except Bargle who was eaten by the vicious zombies. Drovay also met his end as he tried to flee the battle (he failed a morale check when Bargle died). Drovay also attempted to flee back up the rope but was struck in the back of the head by a hammer thrown by Kelg, killing him instantly for his cowardice. Henx Also fled, but actually made it away from the dangerous dwarf and zombies unscathed. His current whereabouts are unknown.

After some more exploring, a newly opened door revealed some skeletons with glowing red sapphires embedded in their skulls. Theo and Kreel formed a defensive line while Jim healed, and Kelg used his heavy crossbow. Things went okay at first, as the party managed to cut down one of the abominations, but soon found that the sapphire jewel bruned brighter and the skeleton it knit itself back together!. This caused Jim to attempt to turn the undead. Hearne did not here his call for aid. Kreel attempt to bum rush one of the skeletons but ended up impaling himself on one of their scimitars. This expertly performed strategem was instantly dubbed the Kreel Manoeuvre (TM). Kelg realized it was time to bug out and left Theo to his fate. He hacked furiously at the jewel embedded in the monster's skull, but was slain.

Needless to say, everyone died. Except Kelg, who saw the writing on the wall and fled. Thus ended our attempt at tomb-robbing, a near tpk with ZERO treasure looted. Perhaps next time, a different entrance will be used to enter the Barrowmaze.

[DM Commentary: this was a super fun session but won't be confused as a clinic on old school play. There were numerous mis-steps, I won't go into full detail, but the group were a little too eager and fell for a number of "do nots" that included "We have to at least open one door!" Ummm, no. No you don't :)]

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