Session 37

Wherein Serge runs out of relatives.

This session was played by a rag-tag, weak kneed band of tomb robbers, and Cromwell. As per usual.

This session was a fairly long session that happened some time ago, so much of it is foggy. I'll outline all the good parts (that I can remember).

The party met in Barrowcrest for another ill-fated expedition to the barrowmaze. The party explored several passages in the reaches of the maze. the first corridor that was hit was one lined with crystal statues. these crystal statues watch whoever decides to walk down the hallway. this made the party very nervous, however the staues did not attack or make any movement besides turning their heads to watch the party. around this area, the party torched a bunch of rats, yea!


It was around this time the party stumbled into a room with two runic tablets. Sol, ever the gambling man, said he would read one the tablets, if Serge agreed. Serge agreed. The party was all too familiar with the random, sometimes good, sometimes bad effects that these tablets bestowed. Which was why they called it gambling. Cromwell referred to it as "runic roulette" and advised against reading any of the tablets. Sol read the first tablet [and rolled a natural 20 huzzah!], he immediately felt runic energy flood his body, giving him a permanent +1 to strength. Serge went next. He read the tablet, and felt vicious waves of runic energy assault him, he failed to resist the darkness and immediately shriveled and died [he rolled a natural 1, then failed his death save]. There was much lamenting, Cromwell uttered a prayer for the foolish but lovable fighter/magic-user. Serge you will be missed. After this the party went back to town and collected some random wizard, whose name I forget.


The party, along with the random wizard guy who happened to be the brother of Serge [thus inheriting all of Serge's belongings], went back to Barrowmaze. While there, the party brought down a bricked up wall. inside this room was very plain, some alcoves with nothing in them, and a mysterious dripping wall. Serge's brother went into the room like a fool, to use his wand of detect secret doors. As he did so, however, he was immediately knocked to the wall behind him and disintergrated by a gray ooze! Random Serge's brother wizard guy, we barely knew you. the party managed to slay the Gray Ooze but not before Sol's platemail was partially devoured, turning it into half plate. I Think it was around here the party found a magic Shield +1 and a suit of magic leather armor. The shield was found in the death grip of a skeleton in a burial alcove, it was grim and humorous watching Sol pry it from his cold dead hands. The party also laughed as they found a silver locket buried with a man, but the locket had nothing in it… not even a picture. what a lonely skeleton.

The party went to town to fetch Dan's third incarnation of a character, this time Snake, the halfling thief. The other notable room that the party ventured into as they returned to Barrowmaze was a mysterious room with a fountain in it. As Cromwell approached the fountain, he saw an inscription in it that read "Pay your dues" Cromwell, always one for paying his dues (no really, check out his history), threw five gold pieces into the fountain. Two Water Elementals emerged from the fountain and somehow attacked Snake! Snake was immediately knocked unconscious, but Cromwell stepped in over his body to save his ass. the rest of the party pulled Snake out of the room and Cromwell was relieved to find the water creatures did want to leave the threshold of the room.

Around this time… the party ran into a tomb with a buried wizard. Sol oiled his remains for easy immolation should he rise, luckily he didn't though. on his remains a magic compass was found, it seemed that it was a compass that directed the user to whatever they were thinking of the time. Alson was handed the compass and told to think of beautiful women. It pointed back to Barrowcrest. Apparently, unbeknownst to the party, there was a beautiful woman amongst all the witches and wenches of Barrowcrest.

After the encounter with the elementals, the party bashed down another bricked up wall. Behind the wall, they found a a stairway leading down into the depths, when they descended, they found a room partially flooded with green murky, opaque water. Cromwell threw a rock into it to test the room. Immediately, the party was set upon by several giant leeches! The leeches killed a guy named Dardrick, sucked the blood right out of him. Kelg and Sol sliced the leeches to bits though, Cromwell got a hit in with his flail I think, but mainly healed the crap out of Kelg who would have died otherwise. Snake even got a trick shot off with dagger, on a leech that had attached itself to kelg no less. Good times! As the party searched the room, they found nothing of value, except a curious narrow corridor. The party moved down it and came across a small burial niche with the remains of a paladin! As the party drew close, the spirit of Sir Guy de O'Veargne manifested himself and told the party a tale of woe! He told them it was his quest to bring and object called the fount of law to the lower crypts, to the source of evil in Barrowmaze but failed, and was entombed within the very maze itself. Cromwell kneeled to the brother of his faith and vowed to continue his quest. for this, he was rewarded with a magic helmet +1, found amongst Sir Guy De O Veargne's remains. Cromwell took the magic compass and asked it where to find the fount of law. The compass pointed true, and directed them south. It was here the session came to an end.

The other thing worth mentioning here was that Cromwell achieved level 5! yea! this earned him the title priest, and many distasteful jokes about his occupation from the rest of the party.

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