Session 38

A joke about crabs.

This session was played by… Sol, Kelg, Cromwell, Snake, Arnd, Alson and some other dudes.

Everyone, especially Greg, was feeling a tad of the ADD this session so we only really explored half as much as we would have. Still a fun time though, most of our distractions were pretty hilarious from what I remember.


At any rate, It was Sol who decided that they were going to buy a stout oak beam (again) and explore some areas still sealed by portcullises. The party entered the maze and opened a portcullis that was a a few halls away from the large obelisk room. The party opened the newly opened area cautiously, with Arn and kelg leading. As they entered this area, they noticed a door that was ajar. Cromwell cautioned the party to make sure there were no enemies dangling from the ceiling before entering. The party looked up, and some vicious looking crab-spiders descended upon them. Arn and Alson were bit and deadly venom seeped into their blood, they began shaking and sweating and knew they were not long for this world. The party pressed the attack and destroyed the vile crabs, and shortly after, Alson and Arn passed away from the poison.

That meant it was looting time. Turns out Arn had a crapload of stuff on him, and the party took it all! Inside the room was a paltry amount of gold and fresco that depicted something.
when the party returned to town they tried recruiting a replacement cleric. the party came across Halghild. A plain looking female cleric of Mystryl who, despite missing a tongue, grumbled alot. [the random generator came up with 'taken a vow of silence" and "grumbles alot" on the same npc heh]. After Cromwell recruited her, and promised he would convert her to the ways of St. Ygg, the party headed back to barrowmaze.

Now the party, after discussing the obelisk and how they should take and etching of it (or maybe they did, it was a short session so we might not have had time to cash in on it) turned their sights towards the caverns. the caverns are a large network of natural caves that sprawl through the barrowmaze. The party explored slowly and in single file Hal leading the way. the party stumbled across a room with a pool in it, and some firebeetles nesting. the party opted to skip here and made their way to a sort of junction of cave paths deep in the caverns. As the party entered this junction Snake was immediately grasped by a large sticky cable of some sorty, and the party noticed a large vile creature with bulbous eyes reeling the tiny halfling in! someone remarked it was a cave fisher at some point, whatever that is. Sol and kelg grabbed Snake by his tiny curly foot hairs, and attempted to halt the creatures reeling. They managed to slow it down but not stop it. In this time, Cromwell uttered a prayer and cast a light spell on the things bulbous eyes. It howled and retreated back to the safety of it's ledge (it was nestled up among the ceiling outcroppings). Snake being the only one capable of climbing such a distance climbed up, saw some loot including magic studded leather and a scroll and ran up to it. The creature was still blinded so the thief threw the treasure over the ledge and made a break for it. the cave fisher clipped the halfings foot though, and he fell straight over the ledge. Sol and Cromwell ran under him and caught him, then Cromwell healed him. the scroll was magic, but not a spell scroll. Cromwell read it with his magic glasses and it read: Red, black, purple (in elvish). With that over, the party explored some more.

the party came to a room of worked stone. inside was a vile looking sarcophagus with evil runes inscribed over the entirety of it. Cromwell approached it and tried to open the lid. At that moment, two huge staues of warriors, that were present in the room, animated and beset the party. The party soon noticed that whenever they would strike the things, their weapons would stick inside their stone bodies, and it was tough retrieving them. Cromwell buffed and healed the party, while the warriors did their thing. and Snake, well he just stood there (most of the time, he eventually tried to sling the constructs near the end of the combat). The party emerged victorious. With the guardians out of the way, Cromwell smashed the the sarcophagus open with his seldge, and inside was The Fount of Law Sir Guy De O Veargne had told them about. It glowed brightly, and when Cromwell picked it up, it sensed his lawful nature and bestowed upoin him magical protection and boons. this where we had to end the session, but the party is drawing ever closer to solving the mystery of the Barrowmaze.

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