Session 42

The lost session.

Due to complications with the party record keeper, this session was never fully detailed on the wiki.

Main events of this session included:
A trip to the Barrow Mounds, which was successful. A return to town, which was uneventful.
Upon returning to the mounds again, the party was ambushed by pteranodons. In the initial wave of attacks, the party mage (Alex) was slain as well as Sol's war dog "Sir Barksalot". Snake was sorely tempted to become the first halfling to ever ride a dinosaur, but sadly never gained the opportunity.

After a few short rounds of combat, Sol scored a killing blow on the offending pteranodon while the rest flew away (having gorged themselves on Mage and dog flesh). The party brought the body of the pteranodon back to town and had it stuffed and placed over the bar of Sol's favorite tavern "The Winking Owlbear".

Here's what I (Alex) remember:

The party this time decided to venture into the Barrowmaze, as per the usual. The party was in pretty high spirits, despite the recent death of their companion: Cromwell, because if you remember the great and terrible carrion crawler in the caverns had been slain, and his hoard recovered. Lusting for more treasure, the party delved into the more worked part of the dungeon (feeling they had thoroughly explored the cavernous areas). The party focused on crossing pits to gain access to unexplored areas. The party ran afoul many rooms that included giant rats and skeletons and the like. Only one room of real significance was found though. It was a room that was round and along the walls were semi-precious gem stones embedded in them. This room reminded the party of the room where Cromwell had fallen so they checked the floor for a pit trap, luckily there was none. The party took their time extracting the gems and were not assailed by any wandering enemies. At this point the party had a decent collection of grave goods so they headed back to town [alot of game play was sucked up by combat/random encounters as well]. The party rested, re-geared and all of these things and decided another quick foray was a good idea.

As the party trekked across the boggy terrain of the barrow-moors, giant, terrible pteranodons descended for the sky! In a surprise round Mazakala was one hit killed [which was a source of discontentment for me, as it was impossible for the players to have not run into the damn things!]. The beasts ate up the war dog, and some other hirelings as well before it was slain by Sol's spear. I could have sworn the party went back The brazen Strumpet but who knows? hope this helps fill in the gap.

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