Session 43

Treasure is found in the smelliest of places.

This session (Northern Reaches 43 was played on Friday, August 3, 2012

Sol Level 4 Human Fighter, his war dog Ghost, and his hired Cleric Durmar.
Snake the Halfling Thief and his hireling Galdal, a one handed dwarf.
"Killer" Kelg the Dwarven Fighter
Jace the Human Fighter.

After regrouping and refilling out the ranks of the party, our brave adventurers set out once again to the Barrowmaze. Determined to fill out some of the southwestern areas on the map, they crossed a pit and began exploring the unknown. In a room they uncovered four well preserved bodies on slabs which turned out to be hungry Ghouls. During the fierce battle, both Kelg and Snake where paralyzed but the party won before the ghouls could act on their vulnerability. After the battle, they found some coins and a runic tablet which Sol successfully read without any negative effects.

In the next room they found a Zombie stabbing at a wall with a broken dagger. Sol tried to sneak up on it to take it out, but a battle ensued anyway. Afterwards the party used spikes and sledges to excavate the wall where the Zombie was digging into. They discovered a small bag with a mysterious amulet inside. This amulet later turned out to be an enchanted amulet of shielding which Sol equipped.

After this they continued south to a hallway with yellowed curtains. Sol bravely yanked down the first curtain but was surprised by a Phantom on the other side. The party backed off from that area until a way around the Phantom could be established. The party crossed a set of double pits east of that hallway and discovered the body of a dwarf partially eaten next to a scrawled message stating "Beware the pools". In a room near this they discovered three giant spiders laying in ambush. During the ensuing fight the torch bearer, Galdal, was fatally wounded. Inside the room they discovered some treasure and a runic script on the wall that no one could decipher. With a man down, they returned to town to regroup.

Sol then hired the Cleric Durmar to help them in their next expedition and set out when they could. With the Cleric's help they held back the Phantom and plundered the hallway beyond it. They found much treasure and a group of skeletons, one of which was wearing a snazzy wizard hat which the party later had identified as being magical in nature. There was yet another runic tablet and this time Kelg gazed into it's vile runes. Luckily nothing bad happened.

Down the opposite end of the hall they discovered a room that emitted a rather foul smell. Inside there was a rotting pile of offal and corpse parts piled in the room. Jace bravely poked the pile with the 10 foot pole, but disturbed a group of twelve Rot Grubs which set out to devour the party. The grubs where easily dispatched, but one managed to burrow into Ghost, the War Dog. With the help of the Cleric's guidance, Sol was able to save his War Dog with fire but the dog was scarred by the incident. In this foul room, the party discovered another small hoard of treasure and a ring that later turned out to be magical in nature. The party encountered another runic tablet and a mysterious scroll case. Jace braved the tablet with no ill effect, but the Cleric Durmar attempted to read the scroll inside the case and was blinded by it.

Later in town, Sol helped the Cleric pay for magical healing for his eyesight.

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