Session 44

Rats, Bats and Mummified Cats!

This session was played on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sol Level 4 Human Fighter, his war dog Ghost, and his hired Cleric Durmar.
Snake the Halfling Thief.
"Killer" Kelg the Dwarven Fighter
The mad monk, Arroway and his Cleric companion Perdu.
Uthred the barbarian.
Straitarrow the Human Fighter.
And Paige the Human Cleric.

After a few days of raucous partying, the group attracted some new members to join the adventure. Continuing their efforts to map out the southern end of the Barrowmaze, they first stopped at the gargoyle statue they had passed by many times in the last few expeditions. With the broken arm recently discovered from last session, Arroway bravely reattached the missing part of the statue and it revealed a magical pearl inside.

There was much treasure to be had in the unexplored rooms in the southern maze, though the peril was quite perilous. The party braved Rats, Bats and mummified Cats as well as a pit full of zombies. With sacks of gold, silver, and even rough gemstones from a rather ornate room, the group happily went back to town and celebrated their victory.

On their next visit to the maze, they where ambushed by amber skinned zombies wielding swords, halberds and bows. After a harrowing battle, the party emerged triumphant and continued into the eastern end of the maze. In a crypt they encountered another batch of zombies, some Ravenous Dead and a few more of these curious amber skinned ones with weapons. One of these foul undead climbed up the wall to the ceiling and began firing arrows overhead. After the battle had ended, the group realized that this zombie was wearing some rather unique sandals with the properties of Spider Climbing. Exhausted from the battles, they went back to town once more to regroup and rest up.

Determined to fill out the missing sections of the map, Sol recommended they explore an area in the Western end of the maze. After a long walk and a bit of pit climbing, they found a corridor with several crypt alcoves along it. Curious to see what treasures might be inside, Sol approached the first crypt and was assaulted by the deadly spores of a Yellow Mold. Sadly he perished after several long moments of gasping for air as the spores pervaded his lungs. On this sad note, the party decided to cut their losses for this session and head back to town. Sol's small hoard of platinum coins and magical equipment was passed around and the group raised their mugs of ale to the stuffed Pteranodon over the bar in to honour their fallen companion.

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