Session 47

The Return of the Bottomless Pit

This session was played on Friday, October 26, 2012.

The session featured:

Uthred the 2nd Level Barbarian
Kleego Saltpounder, the 2nd Level Dwarven Fighter
Ziggy the "Once-Burnt" 2nd Level Human Magic-User and his henchman Kronin
Snake Plisken the 5th Level Hobbit Thief

This session began with the party deciding to fill out select portions of their map. They managed to find two small crypts and made off with some loot. There were no random monsters (luck of the dice) for what seemed like forever. They found a glass casket that had been bash and looted.

In another section of Barrowmaze they entered another set of crypts and were attacked by two giant flies. The group dispatched them quickly and made off with another tidy collection of grave goods and coin. They rested without being disturbed.

They found another area, behind a bricked-up wall. This room had five crypt doors including one with a magical symbol that glowed red in the darkness. After searching the others, and putting three zombies to the sword, Ziggy decided to inspect the strange rune. Upon reading it the glyph exploded, completely engulfing him in flames. Thinking quickly he executed a perfect stop-drop-and-roll, and Paige quickly responded with a healing spell. Sadly, permanent damage had been done. The magic-user had taken massive damage from the fire and his Charisma was lowered three points permanently.

The group found another larger crypt filled with alcoves and a down portcullis. They set Paige to watch the hallway and set to the task. The cleric of St. Ygg heard shuffling echoing down the hallway and called a warning. A small pack of Ravenous Dead approached and the party assumed a defensive position at the entranceway. After a taking a couple hits the party managed to defeat the zombies. Paige tried to call on they power of her god without avail.

At this point they decided to return to Barrowcrest and accrue their experience. They also bout a stout wooden beam to use as a Portcullis-HolderTM (Patent Pending).

They returned (again without being harassed by monsters) to the portcullis room and managed to lift it with three people and insert the Portcullis-Holder. The group proceeded down a long corridor heading south with Uthred using the ten-foot pole. Halfway down Fossil Skeletons broke through the walls both in front and behind the party. Kronin was killed. Ziggy without the benefit of armour or meatshield, pulled off Pinto's Conical (Comical?) Cap and drew a white rabbit in the hope of distracting the Skeleton. The warriors Uthred and Kleego Saltpounder dispatched the remaining undead just in time (for Ziggy).

The corridor ended in a bricked-up wall, which the warriors demolished with their sledge hammers. This opened into a large room with an ornate mirror on the opposite wall. They also noticed a massive stack of Runic Tablets! They poled just inside the room. The wary adventurers then decided that Ziggy should cast Detect Magic before proceeding. His spell revealed strong magic emanating from one of the burial alcoves beside the mirror. Also, the Runic Tablets detected as magical. Just then, the tablet-pile stood up! A Runic Golem advanced against them. Uthred drank a Potion of Heroism and the remaining adventurers attacked. The battle raged and soon the golem fell.

Snake wanted nothing to do with this room, nor did the other adventurers…except Uthred who, in attempting to cross in front of the mirror while averting his eyes, fell into a bottomless pit. Ziggy then poled around the remainder of the room and managed to pull a magical tome (determined in town to be a Tome of Clear Thought) from one of the alcoves, along with some coins. They retreated to town with the hope of recruiting some new comrades.

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