Session 48

They have a Cave Tro…Owlbear!

This session was played on Friday, November 23, 2012.

Ziggy the 2nd (now 3rd) Level Magic-User
Snake the 5th Level Hobbit Thief
Kleego Saltpounder the 2nd (now 3rd) Level Dwarven Fighter
Assorted Henchmen and Hirlings. We hardly Knew Ye.

At the start of the session, with so few party members not under the table in the local tavern, the party decided to hire Turag the fighter. With confidence restored the adventurers set forth for Barrowmaze when a large creature resembling a bear burst from the brush. On his debut Turag leapt forward, ready for a might battle and promptly sliced his own leg. The creature fell Turag with a massive swip of its mighty paws and rended him with it's beak. The party attempted to hurl stones and cast spells but all looked grim as the creature tore poor Turag in half. Snake attempted to beat a retreat and just in time a few well placed hits killed the ugly mother.

The party was ready to pick up what remained of Turag when the creatures tracks were noticed. Throwing caution to the wind the group moved into the underbrush and discovered the lair of the creature and the remains of its unfortunate victims. Wading through excrement a gem was found, 75 gold pieces and a pouch of 1065 electrum.

A retreat was made to clean up and send Turag’s soul into the arms of St. Ygg and Derwood, a young adventurer was found. The group went to Barrowmaze without incident and began to march towards a unexplored section of the maze. Traversing a pit the party marched into a room and upon entering opened a pit with spikes at the bottom. We were also greeted by two scorpions, that all agreed, were larger than a breadbox. A fight began and four more scorpions appeared. Ziggy put two to sleep but the other four began to attack and things began to look grim. Clonin had bravely jumped into the fray only to be snapped by claws. As he fell to the ground all saw the massive hole where is forward once had been, dripping with ichor from the creatures tail. Another claw swipe and Ziggy was down. Snake managed to run to the ceiling attempting to sling the creatures and not drop all his bullets as one Scorpion snapped the neck of Derwood. Kleego contemplated throwing his body down the pit instead of suffering a fate worse then death as Snake attempted to move down the hallway calling the creatures. As one scorpion followed Snake, a mighty hit blinded the creature and fell it with one stone as Ziggy, regaining consciousness let loose a very lucky rabbit who evaded the attacks of the remaining scorpions. Attacking, the party managed to kill the remaining creatures. With the battle complete a room with several alcoves was discovered, obviously the lair of the large arthropods. Feeling a little vulnerable the party left the maze with Klonin and Derwood and the poison sacs of the Scorpions and fled.

A hue and Cry went up in the town for people of stout heart and dumb of mind to test their might in the maze. Jarol and Nortta, fighters in their own right joined the group and we set off. As fortune would dictate on our journey back a lizard, several times the size of a normal creature rushed us. Jarod followed in the footsteps if Turag but resounding hit the creature. Kleego the stepped up and killed the beast. Feeling bolder the group went to search the alcove room discovering about 200 such burial niches. Searching 183 gold was discovered, a jade idol and a sapphire. Pleased with the loot the party search other unexplored places to discover an alcove room with a burnt parchment in the center. It seemed to be a map but the location seemed familiar to us. A search of the alcoves found 132 electrum, silver bracers, a ruby ring, an ivory carving and a shiny crossbow. With are new found loot and hirelings, a retreat was made to Barrowcrest to rest.

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