Session 52

Serendipity for Snake(s)

This session was played on January 14, 2013.

Kleego Saltpounder
Snake Plisken
…and assorted hirelings.


In this session the party opted to return to the area they had ended at last time, i.e. the crypts hidden behind the statue of Nergull. The party visited the tombs and looted some minor treasures from the false tombs, and then went to the room with four treasure chests. Ulfgar casted detected traps, none of the chests detected as traps, though all of them were locked. The chests were opened systematically and contained some mundane clerical robes, and some magical clerical scrolls. The party also found some incense of meditation which Ulfgar retrieved. Unfortunately in the third chests, a clockwork cobra jumped out at Snake and pumped venom into him. Because this is considered a monster, and not a trap, Ulfgar had been unable to detect its presence. Snake was immediately killed by the cobra. Being the highest level and most experienced character in the party put an ill atmosphere over the party. However, this did not stop the party from looting the crap out of him. Snake was later taken outside and funeral pyred for massive experience.

The party was now done with the tomb of Rendar Serouc and decided to start exploring in a different direction. The party happened upon on a wooden door with a blue glowing rune on it. Ulfgar casted a spell of resist cold on himself, his reasoning being that a glowing red rune had been witnessed before and it exploded into fire, so a blue rune might deal some sort of cold damage. Ulfgar got fried by electricity. Luckily the sturdy dwarf survived with only moderate injury. The door led into a tomb with an interned artist. Some gravegoods were looted and the party pressed on. Down the hall, the head of a statue was found. The party proceeded cautiously, but it turns out it was just a mundane statue head, not a trap or something more animate. The party found an alcove room that was all damaged by moisture. A search of the alcoves turned up a bone wand, later to be revealed as a wand of mirror image. Ziggy's AC just went way up. Further searching this room revealed a hidden doorway which the party traversed. The party emerged into a room with even more alcoves. Searching them this time though led to an interruption by ghouls. Ulfgar turned one of them, which ran down the hall and into a secret door. The rest were slaughtered by the party. The party chased the other down the secret door after the battle and found a strange room.

The room held two gargoyle statues flanking a chest with a strange rune on it. The party mused about what they should do and finally Ulfgar decided that he would use the spell scroll he found in Rendar Serouc's crypt to cast dispel magic. the spell was casted successfully, however it was unable to dispel the potent magic of the chest. The trap was triggered and the two gargoyles curiously began coughing. The then both coughed out two green slimes on Ulfgar and went back to being statues. Just then, a beefy looking wight came in the room from the northern hallway. While Ulfgar was slowly being digested by the green slimes, the party did battle with the wight. the party was victorious and no levels were drained, hurrah! After the fight the party poked and prodded Ulfgar with torches, and threw oil on him. The green slimes were destroyed moments before Ulfgar was eaten. luckily, Ulfgar had enough hitpoints to survive the flames that slimes couldn't and healed himself up. Inside the chest the party found a robe of scintillating colors, that was given to Ziggy. There was also a magical arcane scroll with some intense spells on it. All in all Ziggy profited like crazy from this session, and Snake actually bit the dust. There seems to be a trend going where Ziggy's player profits, whenever one of Snake's player's characters die, just a coincidence though.

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