Session 53

The Pit of Chaos

This session took place on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.


The pit of Chaos, here it is. This session happened in one part basically. The adventurers headed straight from Barrowcrest to Barrowmaze with no interruptions. While there, they came near a door that emanated foul evil. The Party wanted to avoid this door, but Davros, the cleric of St. Ygg wanted to confront this evil at all costs. The party left it to a dice roll, with the dice ruling in Davros favour. Before the party entered Ulfgar casted a detect evil spell, and the sensations he got nearly knocked him off his feet. The party prepared before going into the room by drinking every potion and casting every spell they had. They pushed open the doors and were met with a terrible sight (and smell). Before them stood a wide and gaping reddish pit, with tooth like portusions jutting out of it. Infront stood an army of skeletons and zombies, but more importantly a terrible bearded Beholder! The party waded in and began their attack. Ziggy casted a web spell on the east half of the room containg a good portion of the zombies, Kelg and everyone else who was able fired at the beholder, doing some damage, and Ulfgar, guarded by a sanctuary spell began reciting verses from The Librum of Ygg.


You might remember from a few sessions back, the cleric Cromwell fell down a bottomless pit, with the Fount of Law in hand. Thus Ulfgar had tkaen it upon himself to find a replacement, in the form of the librum. The librum has the same effect of throwing the fount into the pit, but it takes five full rounds of recitation to complete. No easy feat when a beholder is attacking you. The beholder's eye stalks fired a barrage of attacks at the party. the first to go was a hireling, who was levitated above the party, then clawed to death by a zombie. The other undead made short work of the other hireling or two who were with us. Then, After the party scraped another attack or two against the beholder, it shot a petrifying ray at Davros. He was immediately turned to stone. At this point several ghasts emerged from the pit, but so tight was the horde of zombies, that they had no luck reaching the party. Ziggy fared slightly better. He had a mirror image protecting him, that absorbed most of the beholder's attacks. Unfortunately, all of his images were defeated and one of the rays turned him into a pig! It was only kleego and Ulfgar left at this point. Kleego attacked while Ulfgar chanted. He resisted most of the beholder's attacks but eventually fell vitim to a power word stun like effect. Now with one round left, Ulfgar chanted as best he could, the Beholder focused his rays upon him but the sanctuary spell warded him off (Praise Klangheddin). The final round over, the pit closed and all the enemies immediately fled from the room.

Ulfgar surveyed the area. Kleego stood motionless and stunned, dead hirelings were strewn about, one decapitated and levitating feet about the ground. The pig that was Ziggy had run off into the corridors, and Davros was a statue. Not a totally bad outcome against a beholder and an army of undead.

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