Session 54

The Pit of Chaos: Part Deux

This session took place on Tuesday, January 29, 2012.

Extremely short session, most of the night, the party mused over a change of rules from Labyrinth Lord to AD&D.

When play did pick up, Ulfgar and Kleego were left in the pit of chaos room. Kleego had found the pig that was heard somewhere squealing outside the pit room, and collected him. Davros was still a statue. Ulfgar searched around the room, found three potions, a shield and a ring. Sadly they will never be identified. Somehow, even though the pit had been closed, its foul remnants and shape remained. Ulfgar, thought it wise to search the pit. this is what happened.

Search one: Ulfgar found some dead bodies, after realizing it was "a large pit that could be searched multiple times" he did so.
Search two: Ulfgar found some javelins, 5 of them infact, sweet.
Search three: Ulfgar was transformed into a mongrelman. His head became that of a gnoll-like creature, his body remained that of a dwarf's, his left arm turned gnomish, his right arm that of a goblin. His left leg, that of a frog like creature, and his right leg human. Indeed Ulfgar's charisma might have dropped from 3 to something in the negatives i'm sure.
Search four: Why not? Ulfgar rolled a natural one and was transported directly to the underworld.

Well that is one way to go out. Kleego, Ziggy, And Davros are technically still alive, (and so is Arroway the party member who had been absent) but it remains to be seen whether further exploration can take place with this particular group of characters. The players have exhausted many avenues of exploration, but there are still areas as yet untouched.

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