Session 55

Wight Night.

This session was played by:
Dan's new halfling thief character
Xan, the now 2nd level fighter
Gorgalach, the 3rd level half orc-fighter.
Kleego Saltpounder,
and some hirelings.

The party met with a new a player/character this session, Gorgalach. There was much rejoicing. After meeting the half-orc in the burned down city of Barrowcrest, the party set forth to Barrowmaze. They decided to head to a strange room encountered earlier that was filled wall to wall with gargoyle statues. After cautiously entering the center of the room, a band of gargoyles, lead by a particularly large one named Zax, swooped down. Rather than attacking though, they grilled the party on why the entered their domain, and then offered them a great mass of treasure if they would come and help them destroy the other gargoyles who had exiled them to this room. The party was skeptical, but reluctantly agreed. The gargoyles flew them over a pit and they entered the first gargoyle guard room. Gargalach began to smash the gargoyle statues along the wall, and after breaking several, the real gargoyles hiding among them jumped down and attacked. the battle was fierce, and several hirelings were lost. Gargalach fought admirably, wielding a a two-handed sword that struck as a +3 2 handed sword against the creatures. With Xan's help they managed to almost kill what appeared to be their leader (a magic-user gargoyle) before it fled. After the battle, Zax ditched the party saying only that "they weren't strong enough" The party, had to flee too, bereft of Zax's support. It turns out the pit they cross earlier was bottomless, so with the gargoyles on their tail, the thief hastily climbed over with a rope tied to him, and set up the rope so everyone could climb over. As the last of the party made their way across the treacherous pit, the leader gargoyle returned and shot a bolt of lightning over their heads. The party ran as fast as they could to town.

On their return trip, the party began to make their way to a different area, but encountered a horrible looking undead creature (possibily a wight!) Xan pressed for a retreat and so they did, to the barrowmoors. Now they attempted to investigate the barrowmounds. They passed some by and found one with a sealed entrance. As the party attempted to smash it open with sledge hammers, they were randomly attacked by a couple wights. The party did manage to slay them, but not before Xan (a 3rd level fighter) lost a level of experience. As they finally managed to open the mound, they found an opening room with two statues, their eyes containing two vibrant green emeralds. The party passed by them, favoring a room with some urns on an altar. As Gargalach picked one up, a poisoned dart shot him, but he resisted its effects. In there they found a mass of electrum pieces. the next room contained a an old sarcophagus with about 600gp interred with it, there was also a clockwork scorpion that the party smashed to bits. On their way out the party looted the green emeralds, careful to avoid the gaze of the statues and fled back to town. The party counted their loot and rested before their next adventure.

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