Session 58

The Caverns of Archaia

This session was played on Friday, July 26, 2013.

It included:

Garath, Level 1 Fighter…and later Gloin, Level 1 Dwarf…and later Karnak, Level 1 Dwarf…and later Brandail, Level 1 Halfling, and his Man-Arms Larus
Brother Maynard, Level 1 Cleric
Yorrick, Level 1 Elf and his Man-at-Arms Ranulf and the wardog Asheron
…and the Torch-Bearer J.B. (Jerked Beef)…and later the Torch-Bearer Ulik the Gimpy


The party set off towards familiar caverns, seeking to delve into previous unexplored sections. Turning down the right side passage, the party was surprised by strange glowing beetles. Garath took a grievous bite while Yorrick's opening volley of arrows slayed one of the beasts. Larus, the man-at-arms, managed to earn his keep with a mighty swing of his long sword that cleaved a beetle clear in half. The melee was looking good for our adventurers until it took a sharp turn for the worse. The remaining beetles tore into Garath and finished him off. Yorrick slayed another while Larus is knocked out. Brother Maynard saved the unconscious hireling with a hearty sling bullet into the brains of the final beetle. With this unfortunate combat, the adventurers cut their losses and went back to town.


Once back in town, Gloin the Dwarf joined the party. Deciding to continue exploring this particular cave, they found a new chamber with a large pile of rubble adorning the corner. Upon closer inspection, the rubble was the nest of two rather angry spitting cobras. True to their name, the cobras spit venom into Gloin's eyes and blinded him. The party dispatches the cobras quickly, but the noise of battle rouses a nearby group of orcs!


Rushing down the hallway, the foul orcs lob crude spears at the party and kill Larus the hireling.


Gloin blindly runs forward and bowls over the closest orc. Yorrick snipes off one orc with his long bow while Ranulf is cut down in battle. Yorrick critically wounds another but the orcs are beginning to overtake the party.


Gloin valiantly held the orcs at bay, sacrificing himself to let the party escape.


Yorrick, Brother Maynard and their torch bearer bravely run away from the orcs.


Yorrick and Brother Maynard shoot arrows and sling bullets at their pursuers and make it safely to town.


Not willing to let this stand, Brother Maynard and Yorrick recruit new hirelings and a wardog. They are joined by Karnak the dwarf, who seeks vengeance upon the dirty orcs who killed his friend Gloin. The party waited in ambush, but the orcs heard them coming and didn't fall into their trap.


Karnak boldly strode forward and taunted the orcs with his best insults.


Following on Karnak's heels, the party formed up into a defensive posture and proceeded to charge the orcs. Karnak is slain by orcish spear but Yorrick and his new wardog, Asheron, score kills for the party. Asheron's ferocity is shown in full force as she leaps atop an orc and rips out it's throat in a visceral display.


Asheron's ferocity is shown in full force as she leaps atop an orc and rips out it's throat in a visceral display. The orcs flee in terror of this canine monstrosity. The party looted the bodies and went back to town to put Karnak to rest.


Brandall the halfling and Bardford, his man-at-arms, join the party. They venture back to the cave and discover the orcish camp in the tunnel passed the cobra room. After sifting through the rubble, they found a small bag of electrum coins and a hidden exit from the caves.


In the next room they found the corpse of an orc, laying face down in the mud. After turning it over, the party discovered the body of a mage under it. A spell book and some magical components where salvaged from the corpse.


With only one passage left to explore, the party continued on to find room filled with giant mushrooms. Yorrick and Brandall decided to scout ahead, but managed to alert a shrieking mushroom. Realizing the noise would draw unwanted attention to them, the party grouped up in the hallway.


Roused by shrieking noise, fire beetles swarmed at the party. However this time the party managed far better than their original encounter with them at the beginning of the session. Asheron tore into one, while Ulik the torch bearer slammed one with his torch and managed to kill it. For the first time in Redbox Niagara history, a torch bearer was promoted to full man-at-arms.

As the battle came to a close, the party decided that this loud fungus should pay dearly. A round of oil flasks and fire quickly put the shrieking mushroom down. Remembering rumors of giant mushrooms being used to make healing salves, the party chopped down one of the non-shieking variety and took it back to town.

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